NATO and EU Join Forces For Ukraine On Jan 10 2023

NATO and EU Join Forces For Ukraine

In one of the biggest moves in Europe, internationally and located near the conflict geographically, history making news has come for Ukraine today.

The EU and NATO have come together in Europe to assist:

Kudos. That is amazing news for Ukraine. That will lift up their people, their President and their army! Amen!

Here is the full update a short time ago:

Get the tanks to Ukraine.

Ukraine must repel the Russian invaders out of their land for true just peace for the world and Ukraine. The alternative would have been WWIII. This is a monumental step in the right direction.

NATO will be able to surely free more tanks and weapons in Europe logistically quickly into Ukraine for them to advance.

NATO will be a powerful force against Russian terrorists and aggressors – and current Russian President Mr. Putin.

NATO can also bring more military support maybe from the East to Europe as time goes in during 2023.