China’s Game With America Clear

China's Game With America Clear

China’s CCP regime have been playing a game not only with America but the free world in the East and West since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Lashing out now not only at Taiwan but diplomatic relations badly deteriorating now with South Korea and Japan.

Look at this from the official China spokesman Twitter account over the past day:

Is it interesting also, how they assail American cohorts in one breath above yet poetically, selectively, use US vernacular, so to speak, when it suits their interchanging comms agenda (note the word ‘hustle’ here):

Look at their State Affiliate media’s so keen interest in new Republican House speaker McCarthy (who is already doing a great job and uniting the party are early teething issues):

McCarthy and the US are already reining in the IRS in America but the House need to look at China more strongly in 2023.

China is not only the biggest threat to America long-term but the free world in the East and West – the trick to dealing with China is being much stronger with them – out competing them – showing how their tyrant government really works – and never give them confidence.

At the end of the day the deadly Covid virus which started in Wuhan is being spread worldwide by Chinese nationals.

Who attempt to travel.

Particularly in the winter.

China are playing a game with America and the free world of the East and West – of buying time, changing from positive to negative in tone.


America and the East and the West must stand up to China.

Particularly after their constant lashing out at new countries like Japan and South Korea.

China look to buy time in their communications but the CCP regime who still don’t condemn Russia or Mr. Putin – must be taken down internationally before the end of 2023.