Watch: Biden Doesn’t Even Know Jan 6 From ‘July 6’

Biden Doesn't Even Know Jan 6 From 'July 6'

Current President of the United States during the biggest war of the 21st century in Ukraine, Joe Biden, appears to be having new issues all the time.

Latest being with a reference to not even knowing the difference between two crucial dates to him and his administration:

Mr. Biden is currently the President of the United States of America. The next President will learn a lot from the mistakes of Biden. The key is not only learning from mistakes an individual makes but the learning from the mistakes of others is where the real learning is. Biden will be one of the worst Presidents in world history when all is said and done. A stronger governance is needed in the future.

God bless America for 2023 and hopefully their will be more amicable resolutions sought in due course with respect to the current governance of a nation that is now in free fall.