Putin and Russian Invaders Used Christmas As Fake Truce They Believe In Nothing

Putin and Russian Invaders Used Christmas As Fake Truce

Russian invaders and current President of Russia Mr. Putin used the Orthodox Christmas truce as nothing more than a front to invoke even more damage as thought by many:


Putin and the Russian occupiers believe in nothing. No matter what they say, condemn all their words that rise up in judgement.

Merry Christmas to real believers in Jesus Christ worldwide who do though.

Peace and unity will only come in totality when Jesus Christ returns to Earth. Who knows when over the next 50 years or so.

Until then Ukraine are the good in the fight and Russia and Putin – the evil. Good always defeats evil. Putin and his associates in Russia will be isolated from the world in 2023 and Ukraine will have their nation’s freedom and victory. If Putin mobilizes more it will only mean another 1 million or so more dead Russians in 2023.

Ukraine will only get stronger with honor as 2023 proceeds and will be blessed and prosper. God specializes in the business of great comebacks and Ukraine in 2023 will stage something that will be very special on route to victory. God first, country second (applies to all patriots too) but Ukrainians will surely acknowledge that they fight for us all and the good of humanity itself – that’s how important they are.

Ukraine must conquer then when Russian invaders depart their land peace talks can happen but only when their land is free or another Russian President is in place per the Ukraine’s decree.