After Revelation Of Soros Investing In Wikipedia Saudis Infiltrate It During The War New Concern About Elon Musk

saudis inflitrate wikipedia elon musk war

During the war very interesting to see Wikipedia which is always listed at the top of Google (they will be reviewing that shortly if they know what is good for them) it emerged controversial businessman George Soros invested in Wikipedia for around two million. They always said they were donation funded to internet users but that clearly was not the case.

Now it is being reported in multiple places that the Saudis have cracked into Wikipedia:

Very interesting.

Concern for some of Elon Musk’s Saudi business partners during the war also surely with the recent Twitter takeover – this for more background:

The defense/military news worldwide for all publications need to be highly, highly discerning moving forward.

Not only of Russian Putin propaganda – but need to assess all information sources on case by case basis. Very important.