Watch: Why Joe Biden’s Health Is Failing And Biden’s America and The West Are Declining

Why Joe Biden's Health Is Failing And Biden's America and The West Are Declining

Biden and his wife’s health are fading at the moment and likely they will both see more of that too soon. Why? Because Joe Biden is crooked.

However, the issues for many are bigger for not just America but the West. As the woke agenda continues to fail and go into the eternal gutter there is a revival around the world during the war and wars in different regions – in belief in God. Jesus Christ. The King of all Kings and the Lord of All Lords.

This goes into why America is falling apart at the moment:

Excellent. There is a counter revolution against darkness, Russia, China (their Communist Party), Iran and more.

You’ll see more of the revolution in 2023 as the world continues to change massively during the escalating war. The attack on the traditional family is ultimately the goal of all these pandemics, wars and so on in recent years.