Watch: Washington Finally Free Of Criminal Inside Trader Pelosi

Washington Final Free Of Criminal Inside Trader Pelosi

The art of death in narrative to various individuals and their associates in the Biden administration, whether Pelosi or former Dr. Fauci – is all happening now at once.

Washington finally rid of crooked Pelosi this week:

The brutal carnage that is ahead for the likes of Pelosi and Dr. Fauci in being held to account and justice is only just beginning.

They won’t be safe now that they are gone from Washington from things like inside trading investiagtions:

Particularly after such a brutal time as of late for the US stock market.

If Wallstreet and the feds know what’s good for them and their people, they’ll lock some of these Biden administration people up this year to show inside trading crimes to Pelosi and her family are held to account. Or continue to see issues arise in their stock market.

Fauci in particular is being surveilled a lot recently following the below and new issues he will face in the time ahead: