Turkish President Starts Talking A Bit More Sense With Sweden and Finland On NATO

Turkish President Starts Talking A Bit More Sense With Sweden and Finland On NATO

Obviously Sweden isn’t a country most people tend to go to anymore, and rightly so, it has turned into crap and rubbish in recent years. All the other Nordic countries far better.

Their nation in Europe has been under constant investigations the last number of years for behind the scenes testing of potential new financial systems/cashless society models for society.

During the pandemic and now the ongoing war in Europe.

That said, if they continue to be a weak link in Europe for Russia – they need to get into NATO quickly. Finland on the other hand – great country and people – like the good people of Norway and Denmark too of course. The former are starting to get a bit more sense from the Turkish President on NATO:


Very good.

Extremely interesting development. NATO in Europe must be much stronger this year and fight for peace for Ukraine to get a just peace and get as much help to Ukraine as possible defense wise. Ukraine are simply defending their nation from terrorism on their civilians.

There is no logical reason why Finland and even Sweden should not be in NATO by the end of this month.

That Turkish President knows it.

He knows that Russia will be isolated among all the nations in the time ahead due to their nation destabilizing all the other nations from their invasion of Ukraine, breaking the flow of grain worldwide and disrupting the energy systems worldwide. Climate change for now garbage as the most pressing issue is energy companies producing traditional energy without the toxic cursed Russian energy anymore – the world is moving on nicely from Russia all the time.

The above story on NATO for Sweden and Finland about time.