Aging Weakening Germany Devoid Of Young Professionals Need To Sensibly Join New Europe That Will Include Ukraine By Freeing Leopards For Ukraine and Building Bridges With Poland In Economic Benefit For All, To Move On From WWII and Prevent WWIII

Aging Weakening Germany Devoid Of Young Professionals Need To Sensibly Join New Europe That Will Include Ukraine

Russia double crossed Germany in the Baltics with Nord Stream 2 (and more) and as everyone else isolates Russia and their leader Putin for their aggression that has destabilized the planet in Ukraine, Germany have one main problem.

They are very old and weak and also have some crappy businesses.

The major problems they have is attracting young professional workers to their nation because too many old people on welfare and high taxation for the younger people. They have an opportunity to scoop up more young Ukrainian professionals in the years ahead this decade as Ukraine join Europe, the world moves on without Russia and can assist this process by more leopards for Ukraine in the short-term.

But why not go bigger for Germany and for Europe. Think about it sensibly.

As well as building more links with Poland after the 5 million Poles approx. they murdered in WWII by honoring the 5 million dead Polish by finally giving maybe 10,000 euro/50,000 Zloty approx. to each and every single Polish national worldwide alive today.

It works out as a around less than half of the 1.3 trillion Poland were looking for with 60 million Polish worldwide approx. – receive total approx. 600 billion total. Maybe.

If you ask German citizens they would agree and sentiment suggests they have the money to do it and it is the right thing to do – as well as getting something as an investment if they think smart about it.

Now that might be a lot less than Poland want but it is something at least for each Polish national/citizen worldwide that could be distributed by the passport office.

That rewards the Polish for their help with Ukrainians during the worst war in Europe since the second world war and allows the Polish and Germans to assist Ukraine in preventing WWIII – while shaking hands and moving on from the bitter WWII. Everyone wins (except Putin and Russia).

While also getting more young working professionals from Poland and Ukraine later in the decade to Germany in the years ahead to solve the German problem.

Helping the German problem and economy with more professionals who speak German and English also.

As opposed to say, Germany having to go to far away silly long distance places like China for new business and workers. No need to waste so much German money and time. No, no.

More cost effectively with more German and English speakers and young professionals from Poland and Ukraine better for Germany and Europe.

With no visa or travel issues that Chinese nationals will constantly face due to the pandemic in Europe in the years ahead and because of failed Chinese communist international policy.

Sensible solution for the Germans and balanced security and defense for Europe seems like the best all round solution for the years ahead.

In doing so, moreover, setting the record straight from World War II, preventing WWIII and helping all relevant economies in Europe who are located closer to one another compared to so far away China — many of which businesses that are too far away logistically for many German and European businesses.

As well as failed Chinese covid policy and the unpopular Chinese President – as well as a struggling Chinese housing sector and still no info on the origin of the virus from China yet – and the WHO still not content with China’s transparency – as well as spreading the virus around the world from point of origin for allowing Chinese nationals to continue to travel to spread the virus worldwide.

Germany must be bold but shrewd and invest big in Ukraine and Poland to gain advantage for their aging, weakening population and economy in the years ahead – much more cost effectively than dealing with far away and often irrelevant to German industry – China.

This is the way the new Europe is going anyway – with Croatia into the euro currency today – and Finland and Sweden in NATO soon.

Germany must surf the waves of the new European momentum and a world without Russia and Putin.

More support from European Council could come for some sort of goodwill from Germany to Poland – support internationally and among German citizens (not the German administration) is there – it will only be an internal point of contention for Germany otherwise as time goes on.