97 Veterans To Start In Congress This Week

97 Veterans To Start In Congress This Week

Recently following an approved increase in pay and budget for the US department of defense now changes are happening on the policy side more.

97 veterans in total this week are starting in Congress:


Interesting balanced breakdown based on merit and competence. Not filling numbers just for the sake of some make believe diversity woke agenda or something. Whatever that means.

Alas, President Biden, the speaker of the House and Secretary of State understand now the sheer level of change coming to hell bound America as the nation is in turmoil. It needs dramatic change to save it and to allow it one day again to be a bastion of freedom and land of opportunity in the world – as China try to do everything possible to destroy America at present.

Say what you want about Americans, yes, they are really despised the world over, sure, that much is clear, the loudness and accents alone are enough to annoy most people, in all countries, we know that, but one day again it will be a genuinely good strong country. Their armed forces help the smaller countries these days defend themselves from larger aggressors – that’s what a defense and deterrent should do.

Based on its Constitution.

The above changes in Congress this week that take place will help the next President of America down the road after the Biden administration finishes up down the line.