How 2022 Was Year Ukraine Prevented WWIII and Tyranny

How 2022 Was Year Ukraine Prevented WWIII and Tyranny

In 2022 it was clear that current President of Russia Putin had eyes on other countries to invade other than Ukraine – a huge failure on his part.

Combine that with other conflicts in the world, and if Ukraine had not and continue to defend themselves, other large nations clearly were about to invade smaller neighbor countries again started by:

With so much talk of war in the world in different regions it was clear that Ukraine putting a stop to Russia once and for all was pivotal.

As if other nations were directly militarily invaded that’s when you would have had World War III. That’s how important Ukraine defeating (and they will too) Russia is. Ukraine need fighter jets to break through the stalemate and more effective fighter jets at that, and Bradleys, Leopards and more.

NATO in Europe and Germany need to up their game this month so Ukraine can achieve a just peace by full victory militarily. Anyone Putin sends to Ukraine is just cannon fodder at this point.