Losing Putin Adviser As Detached From Reality As Putin Is

Losing Putin Adviser As Detached From Reality As Putin Is

The new year and future is bright for Ukraine and the civilized world ultimately but that obviously cannot be said for Russia and current leader Putin.

So much so, even his failing people, the small few around him, are totally gone into defeated mode already:

There it is. Tremendous news and encouragement for Ukraine. The above is quite something. They need to press on now more than ever and support will only get stronger as time goes on.

The cut off of Russia internationally and its isolation from all the other nations is what awaits in 2023.

The future ultimately is very bright for defenders of light, Ukraine – and the civilized world – and a world free from tyranny – ultimately.

During the war in Europe China and their CCP must cut ties with Russia as already Chinese nationals in Europe are testing positive for Covid.

Reportedly in around half their passenger numbers into Europe in Italy again in recent days and they are being returned back to China as we speak all the time.

If China do not want to see more pain to their citizens worldwide and economy in 2023 – they must be cut ties further with Putin and Russia. To rejoin the East and the West at the table.

All in all, the future is always very bright and the glass is always half full.

Happy New Year.

Roll on 2023.