Ukraine Confirm At Least Now 100,000 Russian Soldiers Officially Dead

Ukraine Confirm At Least Now 100,000 Russian Soldiers Officially Dead

This morning in the Russia Ukraine war was the first time the official numbers of dead Russian soldiers reached 100,000.

Confirmed by the Ukraine Defense Ministry here:

Donate what you can to Ukraine here:

Maybe keep in mind those numbers too above are very modest and conservative. Much higher in reality. Ukraine the defenders of light Putin and Russia invaders and terrorists the evil. Simple as that.

Putin even back peddled again this week admitting his three day ‘special military operation’ is in fact a war of intent by him and Russia.

Also over 300 days of his failing terrorism now.

Moreover, some reporting the only resolution for Putin will be going to the bunker or the Hague Tribunal:

Now Putin reported to be like a cornered rat with his life a nightmare:

Now he is further isolating his nation of Russia with rhetoric such as:

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show of Putin’s reign and Russia’s second army and empire coming to an end.

As Ukraine the defenders of democracy, light and the civilized world are wished a merry Christmas the world over.

Support for Ukraine continues to only get stronger as time goes on.

To give them peace by true just peace with full military victory.

Merry Christmas the future is bright for Ukraine, the civilized world and Earth no matter what merry Christmas 🙂

God bless Ukraine.