China Face New Problems and Issues With India and America

India in a turn of events have shown good sovereignty in recent times and must continue to try to distance themselves from terrorist State Russia and failing Putin in his war.

Now China who have had major problems in the West and East this year are facing new problems with India and America per the Chinese media (keep in mind the Twitter app is banned in China so this media knows he is talking to people outside of China):

BS. Clearly just another government PR outlet notice the word ‘superiority’ – tells you all you need to know. That’s it for Hu. Chinese and Japanese people very likable people but tyranny will never be respected by the CCP. Never.

This the right move at the moment as more from China at the moment are being sent back to China all the time during the ongoing Russia Ukraine war which is global now:

China more problems with India pointed out here also:

China must fully cut ties with Putin and terrorist State Russia and support Ukraine – to fully come back to the world’s table in the East and West again in the future.