Twitter Success and Users Continue To Grow In East and West During Russia Ukraine War As Bots Defeated

Twitter Success and Users Continue To Grow In East and West During Russia Ukraine War As Bots Defeated

We have to take our hats off to this Musk guy during the Russia Ukraine war, heck of a competitor. Tough fighter, good operator, rugged, resilient. Good longevity.

His new Twitter team are growing users to huge lengths as well as eliminating bots with all the natural numbers coming back all the time:

Certain media cannot rely on the US government anymore either as the US government’ narratives have fallen apart, literally, you can see it in their faces at every press conferences. They cannot change what is happening. The Biden administration is literally disintegrating in narrative before the planet’s eyes on a daily basis.

New media and the commercial players in the East and West back Musk, Twitter and new media as a whole during the Russia Ukraine war worldwide.

Musk and his worldwide team’s success continues to grow around the globe and in America he is restoring freedom of speech (sometimes known as but not limited to freedom of expression under the UN Charter’s interpretation of the term).

America while in decline and has plenty wrong with it, one day again, maybe will become the land of opportunity and Musk is doing the worldwide tech industry and the freedom of speech model in America a great service for civilization – exposing the deep State. He has the backing of the East with this and they cannot stop him.

One suspects the appropriate measures will be put in place in due course to insure that America one day again will become the bastion of freedom for commercial trade worldwide also.

Despite the perpetual doomsday naysays and pessimists’ predictions that always say otherwise. No one knows what the future holds. The future is bright.

While America may be in decline it will never go to Communism or total socialism and the appropriate measures will be in place by the relevant private and public sector US commercial players to safeguard and protect America against external factors in the new digital world that forms over the next 50 to 100 years etc. should a time of great troubles arise on Earth down the road if the planet’s existence itself is threatened.