The Brutal End Of Wokeness – Pronouns – Whatever All That Garbage Meant Anyway – Day Of End Has Arrived – As Too For Bots, Scammers and Soon To Be Prosecuted Dr. Fauci and More Twitter Criminal Employees – Earth Has Been Shook

annihilation of wokeness pronouns garbage and culture destruction during the war

As the global tech industry comes to terms with changes that will bring it into the light and out of the darkness so much is happening today. All at once.

Simultaneously in a brutal correction to not just the system but to some people who were responsible for so much garbage in the world during a time of war and growing crime/civil war in America some more is on the way:

An American bloodbath during the war. A complete military-style annihilation and hit job of all narratives is taking place with recently CNN confirming mass layoffs from their staff.

Total wipe out as the new world and a more transparent, justice led and truth informed planet takes shape. What’s right is right. Musk’s Twitter advertisers are flocking back to him and numbers are growing and success surging all the time.

The level of carnage going on in America by the hour and elsewhere around the world to narratives and removal of corruption from governments, white collar criminals and large companies is on a scale of such magnitude, colossal in the level of sheer brutality of it all, is perhaps the greatest hit job against corruption this planet has ever seen.

It is challenging to put into words almost the sheer level of brutality taking place to corruption all the time to governments, large white collar criminal private companies’ individual staff members and more. There is nowhere for them to hide and justice is really coming for them now.

The above is something kind of different during the war that is unavoidable. Professional military sniper hitman style job from all appropriate people in the East and West at the moment on the above. Kudos. Amen.