Watch: Nervous Merchant of Death and Interviewer As Brutal Shutdown Of Russian Federation Worldwide Kicks In Ahead Of Christmas 2022 As Putin’s Time Is Short

nervous merchant of death and interviewer

This merchant of death character gave an interesting interview during the Ukraine State Sponsored Terrorism campaign since getting back to Russia this week:

Yeah, yeah. Okay. Sure.

No sale. Talk is cheap.

Do something about it then.

Do something about bringing in a new Russian regime to end the terrorist State instead of Putin and maybe one day your nation will be reformed and saved. Otherwise total isolation worldwide for Russia and Iran (and Hungary and Belarus in Europe supporting Putin).

Sure, much of what he says is right. Spot on no less. He speaks well but both the two of them have a lot of fear in them clearly. They know Russia is going to be isolated among all the nations and the Chinese won’t help them anymore. Anyone or anything supporting Russia and Putin in anyway, in any country, direct or indirect, during the State Sponsor of Terrorism in Ukraine are all getting crippled financially, militarily and legally. They know it too. Natural disaster is descending on Russia.

They can both save themselves while they still can however, as what could happen maybe to Russia in the future is that it will be divided up into different parts of Russia.

Some will have to pay the reparations to Ukraine others won’t. The above know that Putin cannot succeed at this point – it is impossible for him to do so.

The above very correct in some ways and America is in decline and he speaks well but he knows in his heart of heart that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the real evil.

He’d be well advised to save himself and his family in Russia while he still can, seriously, there won’t be much time for him or them otherwise – in ways that he and Russians know how to over the coming months until the invaders depart Ukraine.

The only way to true peace and light is for Ukraine to defend their nation back to the previous border arrangements before the invasion of February 2022.