Watch: So Called Merchant Of Death Prisoner Swap With Basketball Player’s Bigger Picture During Russia Ukraine War

So Called Merchant Of Death Prisoner Swap With Basketball Player's Bigger Picture During Russia Ukraine War

In the war news a lot has been made of a prisoner swap of so they claim a ‘merchant of death’ for a US basketball player (make of that trade what you will during a time of war) but there is a bigger picture here.

This from an American perspective below, while going into things like how America funded some bad weapons’ dealers before and wars (again though the Department of Defense is more a deterrent these days that helps smaller countries defend themselves – a much more reformed strategic army surely), the context for oil, China, Saudis and more:

Good point on China buying oil from the Saudis – the Chinese could do quite well from that and don’t need to buy anything from Russia anymore.

All in all, the above analysis is excellent as always and very impartial to America’s previous war flaws as well too – even though the above reporters are Americancalling a spade a spade – what’s right is right.

Hopefully America doesn’t forget about Paul Whelan and considers giving Edward Snowden a fair trial at the least in the future before giving him his American passport back.

American celebrity/entertainment/music culture is in huge decline now (all culture is garbage and used often wrongly anyway like bull crap words empathy and compassion when taken out of context) in its influence internationally, celebrity, sports stars and music etc.

America must promote its everyday heroes more like the above two reporters and army veterans like Paul Whelan also – like Ukraine are doing more now in their Ministry of Defense Twitter page for Ukrainian soldiers – Ukrainians are the real heroes at the moment in the world.

Celebrity businessman Elon Musk also is showing that America all along (while growing Twitter success to crazy new levels of height and success at the moment) had much election corruption in tech companies regarding election influence corruption and deception:

This all happening for America in a week too where CNN announced mass lay offs and Musk’s Twitter growth and success just continues to increase worldwide (in the East in particular seemingly a lot more all of a sudden too).

America and the world is literally being shaken to its core and will only continue to do so more during the Russia State Sponsored Terrorism in Ukraine until the occupiers depart Ukraine.