Reader Update Tech Issues 2022 Moving Away From Google Project Shield – No Longer Recommend As Much Investing In Google To Industry, Media or Government

Reader Update Tech Issues 2022 Moving Away From Google Project Shield - No Longer Recommend As Much Investing In Google To Industry, Media or Government

Dear readers,

In recent months due to the cyber war going on this year this site like many others around the globe this year has been offline for different periods of time due to external factors.

See below documents attached for some insight.

A program called Google Project Shield recently invited us into it – a program for independent news media sites.

Despite the prestige of it, pulled us out of it this morning due them claiming we spoke twice (lying when we spoke once) and just a load of bs with their garbage, technical aspects of it not working mainly, so pulled us out of it this morning (we are already with far more advanced providers and this site loads way faster already for you all you will notice) and – shut down Google Project Shield earlier.

Google AdSense are also being investigated for the following publisher ID in California in an ongoing case at the moment:


Google used to be a great company back in the day but unfortunately the service and performance is very poor these days and it is in huge decline as a company – so we’ve recommended to various companies, industry, media, governments, institutions this morning – to avoid Google Project Shield moving forward and also to facilitate the litigation to go through against Google in the courts in Europe (France and elsewhere) and in the US at the moment (with respect to Congress and others).

Google are a bit of, these days, a liability to us all, in some ways in the Russia Ukraine war – and the escalating civil wars in parts of the US and Europe, so this decision was not taken lightly, rest assured.

The decision is final. Amen.

As well as recommending to congress, the appropriate courts in California and France and so on, to break up the monopoly they had on the internet, we will not be using as much anymore (some of the) Google or (all of the) Apple products in the near future – using new start up company’s browsers, platforms instead etc. – and Twitter (which is hugely growing worldwide at the moment they are doing big things and are going to big places as a company make no mistake about it) – due to various investigations into various companies for ad fraud and traffic fraud.

At any rate, we are back now ahead of Christmas – roll on. Amen.

Twitter are doing great at the moment and most advertisers are already back as predicted by many.

As well as new huge growth all the time worldwide for the company.

Google and Apple needed to be broken up though to create more small and medium sized businesses and a better internet industry for all.

Google are still a good company but like anything or anyone nothing perfect and get rid of incompetency.

Lots of changes in tech and finance industry at the moment – finally crooked PayPal which was never the same after Elon Musk left – PayPal will be the worst effected surely of all tech and finance related tech – we would never support their terrible service. Nor Airbnb.

Roll on Christmas.

Slava Ukraini.