Putin Reportedly Falls Down Stairs Under Mysterious Circumstances

Putin Reportedly Falls Down Stairs Under Mysterious Circumstances

A lot of Russian citizens and nationals, as well as Ukrainian nationals and citizens who support Russia or do not support the Ukraine President appear to be all of a sudden mysteriously losing their health or disappearing at the weekend gone.

You’ll see much more of these mysterious mishaps happening to anyone in Europe supporting Russia (including Ukrainians in all European countries who can be sent back to Ukraine at anytime if they are against their President) – now Putin is seeing more of it happen to him personally falling down the stairs at the weekend:


Ukraine need to unite around their country this winter or they will have no homes they are in – in any of these European countries in the future.

Maybe those bodyguard’s at Putin’s house will be next to have mysterious accidents happen them all of a sudden, who knows. Only way the war ends is with Ukraine freeing their nation on their terms. It’s all about Ukraine.