Oil Tankers Mysteriously Destroyed In Russian City

Oil Tankers Mysteriously Destroyed In Russian City

As carnage descends and natural disaster rips through Russia more destruction on Russian land appears to be happening all the time during the Ukraine invasion.

Latest being some oil tanker going up in smoke:


A drone too.

As the Russian Federation gets isolated worldwide and anything or anyone connected to it, in any European country, continue to mysteriously be disappeared every weekend, or lose their health and worse, maybe more of this will happen to Russian oil all the time.

As poor service from Europe has not helped end Russia yet during the war which is now in all European countries now due to Putin allies, Ukraine refugees posing under the guise of being refugees, pretending to be – when in fact some are supporting Putin or are against their own President. Get rid of the bad Ukrainians, keep the good ones.

Russians must take matters into their own hands to remove the current Russian administration and others too specifically in the territory of Russia (not Ukraine).

The war is in Russia now too.