As Expected Advertisers Flock Back To Musk’s Twitter During Russia Ukraine War As Twitter Reaches New Levels Of Growth and Success As Russian Propaganda Debunked, The Left’s BS Narrative and Former Grip On Civilization Brutally Ended In Societies Globally and Systems Of The World All Easily Changed Turn On The Lights On Them

Russian Propaganda Ended

During the Russia Ukraine war Twitter has become a key part of debunking Russian propaganda garbage, changing entire systems in the world, highlighting the corrupt Biden administration and dissembling the left’s fake narrative in societies around the world which is now no more.

Not only that, the commercial performance return as expected as was always going to return in the new growth and levels of success Twitter is experiencing:

The world has literally been shaken to its core these last few weeks as the intensity of the Russian State sponsored terrorism (which fails) tried and is failing in Ukraine.

The acid test for Mr. Musk will come with one of his other businesses – he cannot put chips into humans if he were then, say, to try to create a cyborg human – as it could be perceived as the cardinal unforgivable sin if he does (there is only one and he knows it – you cannot deny the holy spirit – to take away human’s ability to interact with the holy spirit in any way would be unforgivable. God supersedes all things in all times in all creations and his will can never be stopped since the beginning in Genesis and before that too.)

The art of death to some aspects is surely now complete to the bad people in the world.

Good always wins over evil. Always.

So will Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini.