Due To Russian State Terrorism Russian Nationals and Citizens To Be Hunted As Prey 1 By 1 Every Russian Man, Woman and Child In All European Nations, East and West Worldwide Turn On The Lights On Them

Russian federation to come to an end

You know what makes us sick in this war and some Ukrainians here in Europe fighting in the war talk about oh my father is dead, my mother dead, my kids is dead, my grandmother is dead and so on – from the war – but then in the same breadth go on to talk smack on their President and others protecting them. Do us a favor. Heart does not bleed for them.

When they’d be in the place where their mother and father, their kids, grandparents is right now (gone, dead) if not for Ukraine defenders.

All these tough guy kickboxers and fighters from Ukraine, Europe, makes us laugh. BS. Seen it all before.

Fact is Ukraine will not lose the war and will prevail in all nations for the planet’s fight against tyranny.

All this crap from Russia this week on Ukrainian Embassies trying to destabilize Europe even more – will now see every Russian man, woman and child hunted down legally in every country with Ireland, Spain, UK, France and Germany.

No Russian citizen or national will be safe until they end their war. That’s a guarantee. Amen.

Just chill, hang back, relax and enjoy the show of the Russian Federation coming to an end worldwide.

Putin and his nation will be held to account for even thinking of going near Ukraine’s Embassies.

God help them for what is to come now for Russia.

The UN Security Council must never deal with this terrorist State again until new leadership is in place and their war is over.

All Russian nationals and citizens will be hunted down as prey in the time ahead after their attacks on Europe this week.

God help them now.

No one wants war but the science of self defense in all aspects says if someone like Russia hits us all – they get hit back twice as hard by all the nations.

Russia will be isolated now.