Klaus Schwab Of World Economic Forum Makes Concerning China Claim

Klaus Schwab Of World Economic Forum Makes Concerning China Claim

Only a few days on from the Chinese Communist Party locking Chinese people into their homes and burning them alive (including kids) during another scam untested Covid lockdown – a German man known as Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has appeared again.

Mentioning this week after the tyrants of the CCP burned their own people alive including kids in a scam Covid lockdown that China even after this week provide a model for Global Governance (a one world government):

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There it is. There’s the all the proof you need. Conspiracy theory debunked. Global governance called from by that man who no one elected after the CCP did the worst crime possible this week – burned innocent children and adults alive in their own home.

Those tyrants will be brought to justice. Fear is against the law. Fear no tyrants like the above.

As the Covid scam lockdowns and scam cash grab Covid mandatory (illegal) hotel quarantine stays come to an end, you can see it is all clear now. Just a scam and social experiment in some places to control world populations. Clear as day. Australia are even refunding many of the Covid scams now – there is a great awakening happening around this planet. It cannot be stopped.

At the end of the day you can’t walk with the world’s failing culture and God. They are going in different directions. Be in the world but not of the world. The latter failing cultures of the world fading away now while the return to the natural order of more awakening to what is happening in societies around the world, with the ultimate end goal maybe in 50 to 70 years of an anti-Christ one world government – taking shape. What’s true is the new culture and return to following of Jesus Christ around the world is going to be a much better story for this planet when he comes back and ends all war on Earth. There has been a psychic shift in all countries in this planet in the last number of weeks. The world has been shaken and will continue to only do so moving forward.

The latter is becoming a better story to tell in civilization culture no less, for all followers of Jesus Christ here on Earth and the billions already in heaven.

As all us mere mortals worldwide grow in huge numbers by the day. If the world comes to an end in the next 50 – 70 years – stay the course and always get back on the horse. It’s a belief thing.

Eternal life will be worth it. Turn on the lights. Amen.