Watch: Tyrant Chinese Government Burn Chinese Kids Alive In Scam Covid Lockdown While Still Not Condemning Putin Terrorist State

Tyrant Chinese Government Burn Chinese Kids Alive In Scam Covid Lockdown

All this socialism garbage aggressively being pushed as woke and corporate crap in the West all started during the garbage Covid vaccine tyranny pushes a few years ago.

With the virus’ origins in China – now during the Russia Ukraine war – escalating regional wars in all parts of the world latest from the tyrannical Chinese:

Jack is spot on.

All of the above has been proven without question now. Easily.

You’d be a fool to not see all the links of the pandemic, the virus origin, all the woke diversity agenda equity capitalism crap being aggressively forced on us all.

It is linked and the CCP are just as bad as Putin in Russia and have shown themselves now – not only by not condemning Putin still – but launching civil war across their nation per above.

No good. The CCP must be dealt with.

Some warned of all this stuff for years and stupid moron humans were too stupid to pay attention.

Garbage network CNN protecting criminal FTX Biden administration.

To peddle their lies to the world.

CNN truly disgust us. We don’t know what more can be done for scum of the Earth CNN.

Until they stand up to the crooked Biden administration.

Maybe CNN can still be reformed.

Useless idiots some of them.

Now you see?

Are you paying attention yet?

What more proof do you need?

The people of China must stand up to these tyrants.

The Putin war in Ukraine kicked off all these new wars you are seeing everywhere around the globe at the moment.

International war is growing all the time due to Putin of Russia mainly starting this chain of events on February 24th 2022.

The reality is many said all this stuff would happen.

Some people are too good for others. They don’t deserve their help anymore.

See what you do when one day when some are not there to protect or help humanity anymore.

You won’t like the results.

China CCP and Putin are garbage.

You are seeing everything play out like many said it would years ago.

In live time.

Jack is absolutely spot on in all of the above.

And should receive huge support across America and the world for his work.

Well done.