Watch: Latvia Removes Bridges Near Russia

Latvia Removes Bridges Near Russia

As the deconstruction of all things Russian culture, infrastructure and commercial continue in the East the latest has come from Latvia:

The worldwide shut down of Putin and his State has only grown following Russia being designated an official state of sponsor last week.

Until a new Russian leader is in place or Russian forces depart Ukraine it will only continue for all Russian nationals/citizens in all nations worldwide.

As their State has been designated by numerous major organizations – government and commercial – as a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

Thank Putin for that. He’s responsible.

His plans to save Russia if he tries to fund a new currency on Gold will surely already see Russian gold devalued at Russian bank level and Moscow Stock exchange level – from private capitalists if needed – if governments are too slow again.

Maybe others can trade in it but Putin’s Russian state can be stopped from doing so.

Via various hedging strategies. The appropriate people will know what to do when the time comes to isolate Russia in any new currency attempt in the future.

Maybe, we guess.