If Germany Do Business With Child Burning Chinese CCP It Will Be The End Of German Economy – There Is A Difference Between Tyranny and The Law Of Self Defense In Time Of War – China Must Stop Terrorist Covid Lock Downs and Cut Ties With Putin

China have started civil war this week with tyrannical CCP Covid lock downs even burning children to death alive while locking them in their homes:

How can Germany do business with such a government at the moment amid the war in Europe too with this meeting recently:

Evil big pharma like Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and others who supported the Covid lockdowns in China and scam mass pushing of vaccines to even young and healthy people – above – are all seeing their fortunes dwindle this year.

That’s business for them.

China must refrain from such civil war against their people and adjust their policies appropriately – as well as releasing all Muslims in concentration camps in China.

This has been coming for some time now and China can help make the world a better place too by cutting ties with Putin’s Russia – as China do not need Putin anymore and Ukraine freeing their nation militarily and politically – will then allow for peace talks.

On Ukraine’s terms.

Only on their terms.

Or until a new leader is in place instead of Putin.

China can be a part of this new world if they want but must stop their evil barbarism against their people in China.

Or continue to see Statesmen in the East including in Singapore no longer do business with China or anything Chinese people related worldwide due to purely the CCP.

The Chinese investments are still shrinking like Putin’s.

Putin’s grip on power is gone but China can make a difference in stopping the Russia Ukraine war.

Same as Russia and Russians worldwide being sent home to Russia due to their nation now an official terrorist state – due to the war in Ukraine and Putin still being in leadership (that won’t last for him guaranteed – his grip on power declines all the time).

Rulers must rule strongly but they are not tyrants. There is a difference between the law of self defense in war on the side of good – and tyranny (like the above from the CCP and Putin’s war in Ukraine).

You can have your beliefs each to their own on views and religions but at the end of the day all roads lead to Jesus Christ he is the only way to get to heaven – you must do business with Jesus Christ as have any of the 117 billion humans that have lived on this Earth approximately so far.

No one comes to the father but through the son and heaven and hell are the only two options.

Good works, bad works and sin doesn’t get you sent or condemned to hell, rejecting Jesus Christ does.

Accepting him as your personal relationship with him – lord and savior does, the grace of God, being born again and really believing in him gets you to heaven.

It’s a belief thing. Each to their own.

The CCP know in their heart of hearts that God is real and so is heaven and the vast majority of civilization are actually already there sure (the majority of the 117 billion that have existed). Much more good forces then bad has ever existed on this planet. That’s a fact of life and business.

Good and evil obviously are real.

You are either with God or you are against him.

No in-between.


The Chinese evil CCP in many aspects currently – must understand this more – as the carnage they are causing in this temporary planet and world is only temporary, alas – but only a while – they can still turn back should they wish.

And stop their evil barbarism on route to helping stopping the Russia Ukraine war. Their day of judgement and reckoning other wise will be on the way just like the criminal FTX Biden administration.

China and US militaries and armies of the East and West stopping Putin (continuing to do so politically too) would make a difference in the world, that would be really something – and working for something bigger than themselves as part of team Earth one day.

However, barbarism, tyranny, corruption and gross incompetence cannot allow for anyone to create a team in anything.

The US and Chinese militaries (not the CCP necessarily – the Chinese military army/armed services) can work together eventually for peace. Some time.

Germany are right in that China can help end the worst war at present on Earth in Ukraine (surely the worst war in history too) – this all started with Putin at the end of the day.

Any way you view it – the dates match when he kicked off all the mayhem with the invasion last February.

It all followed after this.

Stop Putin and you stop much of the problems and create more peace in the world.

Putin must be stopped and the East and West together are making it happen.