Zelensky Reacts To 3 Nations As Historical Justice Being Restored Against Putin’s Russia

Zelensky Reacts To 3 Nations

As Putin’s Russia continues to have international relations and business ties totally cut off in the East, more is on the way.

The Ukraine President amid this shut down of all things Russia while the war goes on or Putin remains in power said this of three nations:

Well said. Accurate. Balance.

While in reality democracy does not in fact exist of course, it can do one day and Ukraine are absolutely the future of it and the model for it.

They will get their wish to be part of Europe one day ultimately. Europe will become better moving on without Putin and so will the entire East and West.

Both in the East and West. China must continue to work with America together in shutting Putin’s Russia down. China don’t need him.

Whether in cyber warfare, business, legal, government, tech industry and so on — all a part of Putin’s Russia war in Ukraine – in many different countries due to the nature of modern warfare and Putin changing the rules of engagement – the legal shut down of Putin and his cohorts, and military demolition of their assets now just in Russia – is really coming along now – for the best overall for civilization.

In the big picture.

Otherwise you’d have tyrants everywhere if Putin was allowed succeed and that would have started World War III then.

That doesn’t mean other aspects of allies of Ukraine – who may have criminal governments will not also get shut down – as Putin gets shut down too – at the same time – all together shut down.