Elon Musk’s Success With Twitter Continues Upward – Corrupt Irish Courts and Justice System Try To Get In The Way – Sinead McSweeney Formerly Of Global Policy Team Will Be Dealt With – Musk Must Radically Change Policy Team and Move On Quickly – Relocate If Needed – Big Tech, GDPR and Big Data Industry Will Follow The Lead – Impossible To Lose – Will Succeed

Elon Musk's Success With Twitter Continues Upward - Corrupt Irish Courts and Justice System Try To Get In The Way - Sinead McSweeney Formerly Of Global Policy Team Will Be Dealt With

As Elon Musk’s Twitter continues to help Ukraine, revolutionizes the tech industry, grow Twitter users and engagement to massively higher levels already, with a new team, this bizarre slight distraction has emerged in the nation of Ireland:


No sale. Get rid of her Musk. That is truly disgusting, disturbing and despicable. So it was the policy team all along and this woman specifically above who was causing all the trouble. Get rid of her. That legal system was at the heart of all the badness and wrong stuff all along. Burn their legal system and courts. Amen. Sickening stuff.

Who some of those people think they are is hilarious. They are senior in absolutely nothing anymore. The corrupt Irish courts or legal system can give her a job or maybe their corrupted government can give her some funding to start a business or a housing grant etc. There’s loads of things. Something there for everybody. Alas, much more good people than bad people in the world. No worries.

They are about to find out justice worldwide in the tech industry has nothing to do with that ruling.

Musk will condemn those words and if necessary shut down the global policy team there if they try to continue to bring harm to the industry and civilization.

Their offices there completely there too maybe if necessary because of the above illegal ruling.

Due to the force majeure time of war in the continent of Europe making trading conditions no longer viable there or simply use US operations to supersede.

Loads of things can easily do with that.

The Attorney General in Ireland is already running for the hills shortly below – as will some in the Supreme Court and more corrupt judges soon too:


That’s the right answer you corrupt piece of garbage – you cannot have law and order in a democracy with crooked, corrupt judges, barristers, lawyers, prosecutors or courts.

That illegal website RTE per the above – the time has come now – for all legal players in the East and West to take it off line after that. Amen. They are breaching international law with trying to harm the tech industry worldwide.

It is as simple as that. That decision is always final.

Musk is helping revolutionize the growth of Twitter and civilization to unprecedented success already.

As the entire tech industry is driven forward.

And garbage removed.

Moving the human race forward.

No minor distractions or problems can get in the way.

Musk must also expose the corrupt Biden administration further regarding Twitter:

Musk will succeed as he has the backing of all commercial players in the East and West at this particular time.

The vast majority of their governments and military forces too.

The future is bright for all, over all.

With or without a few problem individuals, corrupt judges and attorney Generals.

Just get rid of the crooked GDRP departments also.

If they get in the way of Europe or the world any longer.

Or if they steal, hold back improvements and success any longer.

Set a precedence with this.

Must be ruthless with a few bad apple problem people no matter who they are.

Or who they think they are.

For the benefit of civilization and the vast majority of humanity.

FTX being the biggest story of all time recently.

The level of corruption to be exposed will be huge soon.

Not just in American history.

But world history.

Corruption is turning humanity to garbage because of so much corruption.

No exceptions.

Ruthless with some people.

Some of these people are trying to bring harm to others indirectly.

Their job title or working for a government means nothing.

Musk has the support now of the vast majority of governments and their military forces around the world.

East and West.

Defending Ukraine and cleaning up the tech industry key to stopping Putin of Russia.

Absolutely crucial no less.

It is impossible to lose.

He will succeed.

Just offer problem workers like the above the choice again per legal responses or previous response applies.

Work hard and if they don’t like it, go somewhere else.

Twitter and big tech has clearly already moved on already.

And doing great without some of these people.

The entire industry is refreshed.

Some of these people can start their own platforms surely some of their crooked corrupt governments will even give them funding and housing to do so.

Why care about people who don’t care about you.

Do what’s right.

Get rid of the bad ones. Keep the good ones.

For civilization and the vast majority of good people in the world.