Biden FTX Administration Starts To Give Way Under Its Own Weight During War – As US and China Start Working Together More – Leaving Putin With Little To No China and Hungary Support – As More In The East Cut Ties With Putin’s Russia

Biden FTX Administration Starts To Give Way Under Its Own Weight During War

Putin’s Russia really are being totally isolated in all aspects of international warfare relations, economic and commercial.

Hungary even going against them now who voted to let Finland and Sweden into NATO.

As NATO designated Russia an official State Sponsor of Terrorism – as did Europe this week.

America and China working together more too as Putin starts to see less and less help from China which will benefit China the more they cut ties with Putin and speak more amicably like this:

He’s even losing grip on regional allies as mentioned like Hungary and now others in the East:

Not only that, at the same time as all this – the Biden FTX administration is starting to give way under its own weight with things like:

Maybe all this is just the beginning of something really special.

Ukraine and the planet will prevail from all this – that’s for sure.

All this as the Biden administration goes into the worst crisis in American history following FTX, the pandemic vaccine scam push – as big pharma loses huge money by the day.

It seems America has nothing to do with the Biden administration in terms of different departments involved in the Russia Ukraine war simply moving on without Biden now.

Biden’s worst nightmare is really coming alive now with things like this also during the Putin war in Ukraine:

Unpresented change is sweeping the planet amid the Russia Ukraine war.

(Photo credit: US Department of Defense)