Watch: US Department Of Defense Finally Get Their Act Together For Ukraine

After the most honestly truly disturbing and twisted story in US and world history emerges at the moment regarding FTX and the sadly, shown ties to the US government with it, as some lose faith in America and Americans all the time and just let them get beaten to a bloody pulp not just in America but Americans in all countries, surely some are considering giving up on the US dollar and letting it go too shortly.

At least some aspects of America and American people are still good in the Russia Ukraine war. The following shows it. The US Department of Defense finally sticking to their word of honor and not only here in Europe now but across the Baltics:

That’s something for Ukraine to be thankful for this year.

Poland, Romania and Hungary (and Italy to an extent) have seen the lowest energy price increases anywhere this year too amid the war. Worldwide. That wasn’t easy for any of those countries to achieve (with the exception of Hungary).

Blood money taker Orban of Hungary saw that for taking the Putin blood money (can’t understand why he did that don’t know).