Watch: FTX Scam Tied To Democrats as Republicans Take Back The House and Pelosi Retires

FTX Scam Tied To Democrats as Republicans Take Back The House and Pelosi Retires

Current Commander-In-Chief of America President Biden continues to face troubles.

As new investigations commence shortly into him and members of his family as regards some potential investments they have in China.

Biden has not deterred China and Secretary Blinken should be ashamed of himself, and that woman from the Treasury – for sitting beside him during the week when they met with China listening to the rubbish Mr. Biden spouted. China will not be deterred by it and have no interest in healthy competition or defining appropriate rules of the road.

They see Biden and America as weak now.

To take advantage of and will try every trick in the book.

At the same time Republicans have taken back the house in America and Biden’s party begins to get hit with an avalanche of investigations including this:

Ultimately all politics is garbage – people are just people – places are just places – things are just things.

This is all of no significance as heaven is for eternity and this world is only for a short time a few years.

Heaven and hell are forever though.

That’s the honest reality of it and truth of it.

Each to their own.

Democrat Pelosi now gone too following Dr. Fauci not long ago.

Americans have no idea what is in store in the market shortly.

They are getting conned on a level they don’t quite understand yet by the current administration.

Good luck to nice lady Mrs. Pelosi in retirement. However her meeting with the Pope recently and also her bull crap references to scripture were about as insincere and ungenuine as it comes.


Good riddance to bad rubbish.

In the continuingly declining burning to the ground State of California: