Putin Hiding From G20 He’s On The Ropes Hit Him

Putin Hiding From G20 He's On The Ropes Hit Him

Following the freeing of Kherson from Putin’s Russian forces Ukraine are continuing to come on strong as expected.

Putin has shown no interest in talk and the Ukraine President clearly stated the war will end only one of two ways.

With a new leader other than Putin to bring about talk with a new regime.

Of which many in Russia are targeting Putin with now.

Or Russian forces fully leave Ukraine.

Putin is not even at the G 20 this week.

Says it all.

His crony sent there is the same man who walked out on the UN recently.

How Russia are still in the UN is baffling.

There is no negotiating with evil in Putin or him.

Ukraine will continue to free their country and bring about talk to end the war.

You are either with Ukraine or you are not.

No in the middle.

They are the defenders and Putin is the aggressor and occupier.