Midterms 2022 Amid War Was A Vote Against Biden and Trump As The US Dollar Falters

Midterms 2022 Amid War Was A Vote Against Biden and Trump As The US Dollar Falters

America will always be around as a relevant country in the world.

But certainly if you look at the recent decline in the dollar.

You can see what is about to take place.

There is a decline happening.

No one knows what the future holds.

America is important and a useful country in the Russia Ukraine war.

Deterrence and peace is always the objective.

They should always aim for that where possible.

With respect to the conflicts in the world.

In different regions.

The world only deals with strong players.

The recent votes in politics (which is all garbage anyway) showed no one predicted it right.

You have to give credit and dues to the winners.

And not deny any of the votes.

On either side.

That’s what democracy is meant to be.

It has not been confirmed yet if the Republicans take back the House.

Also New York – a once Democrat place – no longer is anymore.

No one talks about that though.

And that the red wave happened for the younger DeSantis.

With Florida having the highest proportion of people moving there than anywhere else at the moment.

America clearly are tired of Trump, Biden, Clinton, Obama and all the old stuff.

And the old guard.

What actually is America anymore.

Still an important player in the world regional wars and conflict deterrence.

That said.

What are they defending in leaders like the above?

No improvements are being making in the big picture.

If you really break it down.

The market soon will be a blood bath.


We guess.

Who knows.

That will reveal all with the US dollar.

No need to speculate.

The national debt is going up.

Despite the opportunist nature of the bull Biden administration suggesting otherwise.

Clearly as the price of everything goes up over there and more crime continues to escalate – they just have not seen through things yet.

They will though.

Everything is unraveling in the markets at the moment.

Amid the Russia Ukraine war.

A key reason.

In the end, everything will work out just like how it is supposed to.

In the natural order of things.

Every good wish to them.