Elon Musk – A Once-Off Undefinable Paradoxical Complex Enigma Of A Man – Grows Twitter To New Heights Amid Russia Ukraine War – As Big Pharma Pfizer Ad Cartel Gets A Reality Check – Musk Tech Shown To Be Useful To Ukraine In The War

The ad cartel from Big Pharma recently, their special interest groups and lobbyists got a significant reality check amid the Russia Ukraine war.

The tech industry worldwide has seen layoffs happen as part of what all their owners have said (not just Musk) – that they grew too fast.

This market correction is coming during the Russia Ukraine war which Putin transparently started this year – kicking off all the mayhem.

When celebrity businessman Elon Musk purchased social media platform Twitter – increasing numbers so far:

Twitter continues to grow all the time.

Numbers don’t lie.

This will only change the course of tech investment history but also more market correction and ad budget increases on the platform as time goes on.

Reportedly the ad cartel lobbyists in the tech market were lead by Pfizer – who will be cornered in the market by the entire tech industry soon:

Say what you want about Musk but he has shown to be of some use so far at least in helping Ukraine free their country.

From the barbaric, illegal, war criminal and terrorist Vladimir Putin.