Watch: Germany Will NOT Do Business With The Illegal Rogue Chinese State Or Face The End Of The German Economy and German State

Watch: Germany Must Shun The Illegal Rogue Chinese State At All Costs

Germany would be committing an act of suicide on a scale far worse than what Hitler did for their people and nation after WWII – to this many – still despise Germany and Germans since – if they did business with non Russia war condemning China.

If they do anything other than talk with these people and NOT do any business with the illegal, now rogue State of the world on their own, China, it WILL be the end of the German state:

China and Russia cannot be accommodated in civilized international world.

Chinese government and Chinese technology companies continue to get shut down in countries around the world.

For continued investigations into their practices.

And illegal police stations in foreign States.

Many of who’s Chinese authorities are getting booted out of countries around the world.

Sent packing.

Back home to China.

Good riddance to their garbage government, illegal Embassies and many illegal technology companies getting sent back home to where they belong.


They are not welcome anywhere other than China.

Good riddance and don’t let the door hit them on the way out.

Of all countries in Europe, Asia, The Americas, Middle East, Africa and more.