NATO MUST Immediately Destroy All Russian Military Assets In All Countries In Europe Until They Depart Ukraine or Remove Putin As Leader

There is only two ways this war ends:

  • Russian military forces completely depart Ukraine immediately
  • Or remove Putin as leader and put in a new regime

They are the two options.

The only way and dialogue will then come about.

Otherwise Putin and Russia will continue to try to buy time and talk.

Talk is cheap.

Today NATO must and have to destroy completely all Russian military assets in Europe.

In any legitimate Putin Russian allies.


In any country in Europe part of NATO or not.

Being used in other counties against Ukraine.

This is the next step.

The most important process in the military demolition of all Russian allies in Europe in all countries in Europe.

It is legitimate legal military warfare now.

It is what must be done.

To deter Putin and Russia in all of Europe.

A strong deterrent must be set today.

Military speaking the bridges must be burned and lit up for all Russian military assets in all European countries.

The aggressor in Ukraine must pay consequences militarily right across Europe.

And deterred from stopping war in Europe.

Putin is weak now.

Hit him while he is having problems now.