Russian ammunition base destroyed

Russian ammunition base destroyed

Ukraine and their allies are smartly starting to target Russian ammo depots and going to the source of where the problems and issues are in the war:

Same concept can be applied on destroying Iranian factories that produce the drones brought over to Europe.

While all Ukrainian refugees should be helped the (small few) illegal migrants claiming to be fleeing the war but just gaming the system

That is a very, very different matter to the 95%-99% of genuine Ukrainian refugees.

Europe need to and must liaise with Ukraine’s operations to identify the one or two problem Ukrainians.

Pretending to flee the war in Ukraine to take advantage of the situation in some countries in the EU.

There are ways that the EU and countries in Europe can apprehend this very small number of Ukrainians doing this.

95-99% of Ukraine refugees genuine enough surely though.

Also on the small 1-5% doing the above – they are surely causing harm to Ukraine’s EU membership application too.

Ukraine need to do a better job in communication with the EU on this small matter in the war.