NATO Taking Over To Urgently Meet Turkey Who’s President Recently Very Unwise Put Their Entire Nation In Serious Trouble

The Turkish President is now realizing the extent of his mistakes recently of being friendly with Putin and putting his entire nation and all people on the territory of Turkey in serious, serious trouble, more than he could even imagined.

Now NATO are going to see him immediately as Putin weakens and Russia is gets destroyed in the war:

Turkey can still play a part in mediation potentially in the war with Russia but not with Putin.

Deal with Russia without Putin maybe in the future.

The sheer devastation the Turkish President has put his country in line for by in anyway getting close to Putin is unprecedented in Turkish history.

Nations are moving on without Putin.

Not listening to Putin.

Nor using his energy.

Turkey can do the same and still avoid like Russia and Belarus under their dictator leaders – total devastating consequences and demolition – at least while those two leaders remain.

Both of who’s grip on power continues to go.