Chinese President Mr. Xi Elects Himself As Modern Day Emperor Of China For Life Similar To Mao Sparking Cult Concerns

Current President of China Mr. Xi has effectively this week elected himself as the modern day emperor and ruler of China as long he lives in this human life.

Even he has things in China like ‘Xi’s thought of the day’ for the people of China to comply and assimilate with their ruler – and is already drawing similarities in Asia (reported here in Japan below) to the cult of former emperor Mao:

This week he eliminated all other competitors with the CCP (Communist Party) including the youth league. So he cannot be fired from his job essentially.

Mr. Xi has also managed to get his entire nation investigated right across Europe, the US, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and further afield.

For illegal police stations that go against Embassy laws for citizen services.

Under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations act of 1961.

Many of which premises are getting shut down and will do in live time.

With Chinese citizens returned to China who work in these stations.

Mr. Xi has also this year indirectly supported the Russia Ukraine war in many ways.

As well as Mr. Xi starting general mayhem with nations like Taiwan, Japan, Australia, America and soon much more (Mexico and much more).

As well as Mr. Xi’s illegal Chinese tech operations in foreign states.

Combined with Mr. Xi’s Chinese illegal police stations’ (in foreign States).

Mr. Xi’s illegal Chinese operations and citizens continue to get shut off.

In nations around the world.