Concerning French President and Pope Meeting On Ukraine

The current crooked Pope must be stopped with his illegal sometimes advocacy of illegal migration during the Russia Ukraine war.

Countries are seeing the damage it is doing now and nothing wrong with helping refugees – that’s commendable – just now illegal migrants in Europe during the war taking advantage and scamming the war.

The Pope met the highly disliked French President who’s nation of France is burning to the ground more than anyone other than Ukraine and Russia in Europe:

France are reported to have the worst illegal migration crisis in the nation’s history.

With only a 9 per cent deportation rate for illegal migrants.

Helping Ukrainians and genuine refugees must be top priority for everyone.

Not scammers taking advantage of the war however.

Catholics and the Catholic church need to, must and will stop this current crook of a Pope.

From doing anymore damage.

How the French have not got rid of this President is crazy during the Russia Ukraine war.

He is getting France destroyed during it.