Airbnb During Russia Ukraine War Must and Will Be Disinvested In, Shareholder Support Removed, Devalued and Terminated – Two Polish Nationals For Poland and Turkey To Pursue Moving Forward – Airbnb Will Go Down As A Good Idea In The Beginning But A Horror Show and Horror Story In Its End As A Business During The Russia Ukraine War

Airbnb During Russia Ukraine War Must Be Disinvested In, Shareholder Support Removed, Devalued and Terminated - Two Polish Nationals For Poland and Turkey To Pursue Moving Forward - Airbnb Will Go Down As A Good Company In The Beginning But A Horror Show and Horror Story In Its End As A Business During The Russia Ukraine War

One of the big stories in the Russia Ukraine war is how in Europe it was used by some unscrupulous people for various means.

Often also used by Airbnb allegedly to help Ukrainians but in fact just a tool often times for scammers exploiting the Russia Ukraine war, and before that, scammers exploiting it during the height of the pandemic. There is thousands of horror stories already available on this. A quick Google search brings it up.

Let this be a lesson for the founders and owners of Airbnb.

In Poland in Krakow, great place and country by the way – not the Airbnb below or building though. One of the shadiest Airbnb listings who the good people of Poland and Turkey, and the appropriate authorities, are now surely, and will move forward greet both of them by giving both of them (allegedly students so they claim) allegedly called ‘Michal’ and ‘Klaudia’ (their problems are only just beginning) of the following listing on Airbnb below with the appropriate response.

Here is an example of how Airbnb turned into a horror show in one case in Krakow during the Russia Ukraine war (this host had many bad star reviews already by the way we later learned – and Airbnb is now littered with similar stories as the company’s natural life cycle, de-investment, devaluation takes place as part of their product life cycle in due course – always the same thing for many of these big arrogant greedy corporations in the end):

‘Charming room in the centre of Kraków (GRZEGÓRZKI)’ (Alleged address Grzegórzecka 12, Kraków, Małopolskie 31-530, Poland). This Airbnb listing in Krakow and the building may potentially be a matter for the Polish and Turkish authorities/or it seems there is also new demolition work going on from a demolition company and may explain why the water in the bathroom crazily didn’t work for a reasonable portion of the amount of time during an approximately 3 week stay or so.

  • The host was a complete spoof artist.
  • Polish people are great and Krakow too but immediately getting near this building all the Polish people in the first few days were frowning at the above two individuals, as if to say, stay well clear of them, their Airbnb and their building.
  • Their issues and problems unfortunately are now only just beginning in the time ahead and the good people of Poland and Turkey, and authorities, no doubt will give them both the warm welcome they deserve moving forward.
  • Check out was 3 days early as planned and received no refund from the host some guy ‘Michal’ but he didn’t communicate much during the stay nor administered the Airbnb. Even though tried to get back the 3 days to the original date but he mentioned someone else was booked there although no evidence on Airbnb, or what a person who moved in there mentioned, suggest this was ever the case. Moreover, besides that and the water not working fully in the bathroom all the time which was crazy for 3 weeks with the below going on as well – there’s more important information below.
  • Directly above the room as you will see on the yellow ceiling screenshot there has been someone (a person) walking around on the floor directly above a bed for weeks now. The noise was crazy and made getting sleep there difficult as it would for anyone over a three-week period.
  • No refund was ever supplied even though left early.
  • Thought it was a different apartment entirely and finally decided to complain about the noise to a woman who lived in the flat in the room directly opposite of the room on the morning on the last day almost (approx. 7am Oct 8th 2022) and she said sorry it is ‘our friend’ – whatever that means (some human being is actually living up stairs above that room that is truly disturbing and Airbnb didn’t even know about it) – when asked who is up there and tell them to stop walking around so heavily making noise all the time above bed was where slept. Never seen this person during the stay at this point. Honestly don’t know is there another person in this listing living directly above or in some sort of room or is it an actual another apartment. No idea what is going on. Can’t tell – and see the screenshots attached – as that could be an urgent matter for the Polish authorities otherwise moving forward. Have no idea who is up there, if the person is in the apartment with us all or is it actually a separate apartment all together. Can’t find a stairs to that floor when look outside.
  • As got ready to check out also worth pointing out that there isn’t even a number on the door for this Airbnb listing in the building! Please warn the next guest of this immediately! See attached photo it is just a black door on the second floor of the address next to another door down the hall under construction/demolition and next to a number 6 door (our floor second floor – our door doesn’t even have a number and is in a dark hall hard to see anything at night no light here in the hall outside our door on our floor).
  • The neighbors were cool people and they were also shocked to learn that someone potentially is living in a ceiling or above the apartment across the way from them without anyone know. Sickening.
  • See staircase that leads to this listing attached in the building.
  • The person who administers this listing is a woman called Klaudia (not Michal) who is friends with the listed owner Michal.
  • Michal said when we got here it is actually his grandmother is the legal owner of the flat. We met him once and that was it, communication was limited and apparently he is just some student in Turkey from Poland – who we are now quite sure the good people of Turkey would do well to make sure isn’t scamming their system moving forward. Some student Erasmus student apparently. Take a look at the Turkish embassy next in Poland. Same with any Turkish embassies anywhere frankly in light of that idiot President they have who’ll get his country totally destroyed if he’s not careful and doesn’t do a better job on the grain for Ukraine. God help him otherwise. On the student mentioned before, so he claimed anyway.
  • Michal is thought to be in Turkey was told by Klaudia and Michal when got here mentioned he was going there on a student program.
  • There was nowhere to leave the keys other than in the room when checking out so was no way of locking the door – the people who administer the Airbnb need to have their premises raided and investigated.
  • Some young lady Klaudia in Krakow working for an energy company apparently, no doubt the appropriate energy company will make alternative arrangements surely to hire better workers in the future.
  • The guy Michal apologized during the stay for his crap Airbnb yet did not be available for communication most of the time after that.
  • The guy said some other Airbnb guest was moving into the room after departing but some random people in the flat who moved in during the stay mentioned that was not the case and simply the person’s friend Klaudia was moving in there.
  • Two little scam artists basically who since we believe the entire building now is being redeveloped and some of it likely demolition or deconstructed. Who knows. The building was negative to say the least.
  • That’s an example of how Airbnb and some shady characters in Europe administering Airbnb listings during the Russia Ukraine war contributed to their own demise – the company of Airbnb worldwide.
  • A joke of a company during the Russia Ukraine war.
  • Farce.
  • Total shambles.
  • Clown show.
  • Johnny, Eduard and Laia must and will all have their employment with that company terminated. Shocking customer service. Disgusting. Good riddance.
  • As a company during the Russia Ukraine war they will devolve and crumble to pieces during this war here in Europe which is escalating all the time.
  • Who’s shareholders and investors confidence on the public stock exchanges that exist will only continue to plummet.
  • A good idea for a business in the beginning but in the end, like many large businesses, they got too greedy and let scam artists use their platform:

  • The life cycle of a failed big platform and a lesson to other big platforms moving forward.
  • Shut down Airbnb and make better companies ultimately as the share price of Airbnb falters due to their greed and those in the West no longer finding their service useful.
  • So be it.
  • Amen.

Airbnb is already declining as a business with hosts seeing less bookings all the time and they are going to see much more of this news here:

There is a lot of stuff happening to AirBnb as a company during the Russia Ukraine war which will emerge.

A shambles of an organization.

In breach of multiple laws in different nations.