French President Ignores Ukraine President’s Decree On Russia

No one wants war other than Putin and his cohorts.

If the Ukrainians stopped fighting they would have lost their country (and Poland and others would have been invaded) – if Putin stops fighting the war ends.

That’s the difference.

Ukrainian President Zelensky and his government signed an international decree recently stating peace talks can begin immediately just as soon as a new Russian President other than Putin is in place.

However the French President has ignored this internationally legally binding decree and wants to still speak with Putin:

Germany on the other hand in Europe mention it is impossible moving forward to speak with Putin.

Respecting the Ukraine President’s decree.

Those who advocate for peace and not taking sides are complicit with Putin as he ordered the massacres in Ukraine.

He and he alone.

Notice they never mention Putin’s name these people and also ignore the Ukraine President’s decree.

The war will end once the Ukrainians’ repel Putin’s orders out of their country and land.

Which they are doing all the time.

Or as soon as Russia put in anyone other than Putin as their President per Zelensky’s official decree.

Dialogue can happen then.

Putin is isolated now and things will continue to get worse for Putin personally all the time.

The French President has isolated France completely from the world with his seemingly friendliness to Putin. The EU have been shambolic in this whole thing.

They need to discipline France and the French President for the above.

He must instead say he will talk to Russia. Not Putin. Much of the Kremlin despise Putin and are looking for a new leader.

And that he respects Ukraine’s decree as a sovereign country.

Stating they will only talk with a new President other than Russia.

NATO also must let Ukraine into NATO as soon as possible or risk like the EU becoming an obsolete organization because of Vladimir Putin’s ongoing actions.

You are either with Ukraine fully or you are not.

There is no in between.

Ukraine are and will win this war that they had to defend themselves from.

This illegal invasion.

Attempted genocide.

And elderly and children murdering Putin’s Russia terrorist State.

Whom will be brought to justice and punished.