Exposing Some Of Evil’s Harmless, Sad, Sick, Twisted, Pitiful and Hilarious Tricks In Spiritual War World Amid The New Distraction World Of The Russia Ukraine War

Exposing Some Of Evil's Harmless, Sad, Sick, Twisted, Pitiful and Hilarious Tricks In Spiritual War World Amid The New Distraction World Of The Russia Ukraine War

We cover war on here in all aspects.

Be it traditional, boxing and MMA.

There are a million more things that can also be revealed on bad energies in the world.

On what ever you consider to be bad energy or evil or bad people (not to judge or condemn them just their energy).

Each to their own on beliefs, faith and values.

Call them whatever you want.

Whether just the small few bad people (not to judge or condemn them just their energy), bad energy etc.

Or whatever.

In a tiny few bad people/bad humans/rotten human beings etc.

Not to judge or condemn any of them but just their energy to keep away from them.

That’s all.

It’s the dark energy that causes all the mayhem, divide.

Hatred, trauma and incessant grief that never goes away or stops on this planet.

There has always being general mayhem in the planet.

It has always existed.

Since the beginning in Genesis.


And evil.

What goes up must come down.

But when God goes up he never comes down.

Destruction and burning bridges is very necessary sometimes.

Demolition to create something better.

This is what the planet needs.

Get rid of the bad.

Destroy them.

Build more for the good.

Build the bridges after the demolition.


After all, there is a genesis, in everything.

Isn’t there.

A beginning and an end.

Then a beginning again.

Pride comes before the fall.

Before this whole world began.

Maybe just the communications technology has highlighted it more in recent times.

It has always been there though.

The general mayhem.

It is part of the fall of man in the beginning.

Divided you fall united you stand.

We’ve seen this before scientifically studying some nations.

Too bloody good, kind and polite sometimes some of them are.

That’s the real problem and issue at its root.

Only be kind enough to the people that deserve it.

No one else.

Good fighter Muhammad Ali mentioned this.

Just enough.

There has to be a pragmatic, lawful balance.

Otherwise all these wars have let in a few small number of bad characters.

Into their countries.

That take advantage of their systems.

Kick them out if they are helping these wars.

Tighten up the guard.

You have to discipline these people out of love and kindness.

The Germans, Americans, Japanese and Nordic countries seem to get this right most.

More or less.

Decent balance achieved in some of these places.

On being kind to the people who deserve it.

Not ones who harm you or your nation.

Who cares if they don’t like your laws. So.

Let them go somewhere else then.

That’s being fair to everywhere and everyone then.

And live and let live to everyone then.

There’s a place and something for everyone.

On God’s terms though.

Not our terms.

It is not what you want.

Or what others want.

It is what God wants.

Just not from a global thinking perspective – a sovereign nation one within various systems.

Ones that get a little bit better.

Over time.

It cannot be a global standardized school of thinking on this.

All systems of the world previously are flawed.

Can’t model off anything previously as none have worked.

Must change everything all around moving forward.

You need a new one.

On a nation by nation sovereign nation basis.

Everything gone before must be torn up.

And started a new.

Lit up.

Thrown in the garbage.

To create new opportunities.

Better ones.

The previously mentioned is how you do it.

Nations are like people.

Let them to what they want in terms of laws.

They are all unique and different.

Let them continue on their own path.

One nation at a time.

All near 200 (195 to be exact) of them – like the 8 billion humans or so.

Simplify things. It can be that simple.

It is the oldest bloody trick in the book for goodness sake.

The divide and conquer aspect with Putin and Xi in particular.

No good.

They planned that for a while.

Of soon to meet their demise bad leader tyrants at some point.

Xi of China and Putin of Russia.

A couple of scumbags the above two leaders.

Nothing more.


Waste of spaces.

Good people in both countries but their leaders must and will go at some point.

That’s the reality and truth of it.

Here are a few things of note below.

With the tiny (tiny) number of bad people (not to judge or condemn them just their energy) in the world.

There are way more good.

Who have way more resources too.

Way more connections.

And far (far) larger in numbers too.

The world would collapse if the likes of Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China plans happened in the war news.

Which they won’t.

That alternative would be far worse.

That would actually lead to World War III.

They won’t succeed in that, though.

Not today.

Not ever.

No way.

  • A small few simple observations on dark energy (there’s a million more things more you could go into though).
  • Ghosts are harmless and are there to be revealed, driven away, shut down and wiped out on a serious note (don’t watch too much movies or TV but the spiritual world is real of course):
  • All humans are all very uniquely bizarre (science tells you that no two humans out of all 8 billion plus are the same) but careful with cult silly people who do some silly cult like voices/rituals/chants to try to curse belongings or move furniture around various homes and apartments. Keep your house/apartment clean and safe from people who touch belongings to put any substance/poison on things.
  • Acupuncture is an old Chinese scam that does more harm than good.
  • Avoid yoga.
  • Careful with phony ‘language schools’ https://www.londonplus.it/ who look to con volunteers and actually try to use volunteers as workers. Get the appropriate people to shut it down and start better language schools.
  • Avoid covenants of all kinds.
  • You are what you eat – diet is everything.
  • Don’t always believe reviews on Airbnb some of these dark people give one another fake reviews on there and booking.com to prop up their fake property scores – that trick is now over and both companies are looking into various people in various countries.
  • Watch for Airbnb host giving false advertising and directions to their property. Let the appropriate market agents deal with them.
  • Airbnb host giving fake directions/false advertising under Consumer Information protection laws – Vincenzo Passeggiata delle Sirene, 92 int.22, Anzio, Lazio 00042, Italy – shut his business down and shut him off.
  • Watch for jittery/shaky people who walk very fast and who never have peace in their movement/being.
  • Watch for some people who always have their head down and never look up, and who tremble.
  • The restaurants nearest Rome City center (nearest Termini Station directly) directly facing the Colosseum – avoid all of them at all costs – it is just on the one side of the Colosseum – everywhere else is fine. On the former, shut them down.
  • Pal’s Hostel Budapest, Hungary – avoid like the plague. Shut it down and wipe it out. Some of that Budapest place needs to be and must be lit up specifically. Chinese and Russian investment has ruined Budapest permanently moving forward. Shut them down.
  • The leader of Hungary Victor Orban – get rid of him. He’s a big problem in the evil Putin war in Europe. He was bragging about his Putin blood/gas money recently. Orban must go. Get rid of him.
  • President Higgins of Ireland expressed some sickening sentiment on the Ukraine war. Forget his wife, he’s the President get rid of him: https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/arid-40930355.html – he must and will be removed in Ireland as President. His job title and office is defunct and is of no use, moreover.
  • Be careful with some business associations in different countries – a thing called ‘CorkBIC’ whatever the heck that even is – in Ireland – certainly one to avoid – https://www.corkbic.com/ switch them off and shut them off. Very poor business outfit.
  • Total inclusion is inclusive of all people and all people’s race, religion and creed. Some teacher in Ireland being prosecuted because he simply expressed his faith is highly illegal and a disgrace to the entire Irish legal system. Enoch Burke must be freed. The judges involved need to be prosecuted moving forward and will be internationally focused on and brought to justice themselves for it by the appropriate international legal authorities and people. Shut them down and wipe them out. Enoch Burke must be freed. Equality, diversity, inclusion and being inclusive of everyone (means everyone no matter views or political views either) including of that man Enoch Burke’s freedom of religion (same goes for all religions).
  • Although business groups like the IDA and Enterprise Ireland in Ireland can be good in some aspects (in others they are stupid and the slowest people you’ll ever meet), they are a spent force now and need to be reformed completely if Ireland is to have maybe a future again for their young people who were sold out by toxic Irish banks, crooked developers and a stupid government.
  • Watch for hotels across Europe who illegally (much more than greed) price gouged and profiteered from the pandemic, illegal Covid restrictions, lockdowns, illegal app tracking and illegal trace mass surveillance social experiment test on society, illegal mask mandates, illegal requests for isolating in hotels etc. Governments need and must be held account for all that in the future. It is illegal and wrong.
  • On spent forces in business, snobby people who have ruined Cork in Ireland for many years and the good ordinary people of Cork should stand up to some of them and some of their corrupt local officials. It will never be America and the land of opportunity so the public servants there should stop trying to copy everything and use what little is left of their brains in what little time they have. The good people of America still lead the world in business industry. USA all day.
  • On a positive note, a man called Roy Keane a soccer player who grew up in Cork is widely considered to be the greatest Irish legend of all time. It is true. He is.
  • Mick McCarthy was wrong in Saipan and Keane was right 🙂
  • With that said, on corruption, John Delaney of the FAI is corrupt – lock him up and remove him from any future posts in the FAI.
  • U2 are okay but not Bono specifically. Bono is a muppet. Shut him down.
  • Back to the dark stuff to avoid in the spiritual world/legality side of things: illegal migration from a tiny number of (but do some damage specifically in Napoli city center across from the train station – watch all those businesses there for damage they do to Italy) some Pakistan and Indian nationals into European countries (whom also harm India and Pakistan and bring their crap over to Europe after it). Shut those businesses down and wipe them out. Help the struggling Italians and not some (not all) of the illegal foreign businesses. Who have ruined Napoli. And Italy. Over the years.
  • Point the blame solely at Napoli’s Luigi Di Maio.
  • The restaurant directly outside Salerno train station on the right is contaminated. Shut it down.
  • Keep an eye on the bars and restaurants directly opposite the ferry crossing in Salerno nearest the train station. Many of them contaminated and are bringing the value of Napoli down for years now. Get rid of the owners and acquire them with better ownership. Redevelopment and refurbishment needed.
  • As the foreign minister for Italy Di Maio has caused untold damage to the country and forced many young Italians to emigrate over the years seeking better work and business opportunities.
  • Corrupt healthcare workers who do more damage then good – the HSE in Ireland https://www.hse.ie/eng/ their structure must be burned down, lit up and something better created. There needs to be some reform and the above must go to allow for this. Get rid of it. Shut it off.
  • Beware of some (not all loads of them are grand) tattoo ‘artists’ and their ‘shops’/’businesses’.
  • Some (not all) tattoo artists some of the most shady people on the planet.
  • Steer clear of silly ‘spiritual organizations’ example https://www.isf.ie/ and follow the French connections to some of these cult groups (each to their own). Follow the money. Shut them down.
  • Some workers in the company Twitter. Some of them must go after Elon Musk buys it to reform it somehow, or whatever happens – and give back freedom of speech. Many of Twitter employees, shareholders and investors will flee under their current CEO otherwise. Shut them down and wipe them out. Get rid of the blue tick novelty and give everyone a blue tick moving forward to verify identity/eliminate the bots on the platform. Everyone is equal then. Advertisers and the digital industry will benefit.
  • Society and humanity will benefit overall after this.
  • The human race must and will be pushed forward.
  • For the better.
  • On cult spiritual groups watch for some thing called the ‘Day of the Dead’ in Mexico in places like Cancun, Mexico City airport (careful with some illegal airlines also such KLM in Holland, Aero Mexico and Volaris in Mexico and also Aer Lingus in Ireland – shut them down – only those 4 specifically), some of (not all) the Campeche coast line in the Gulf of Mexico and Hermosillo in Sonora (the hills and airport there specifically in Hermosillo and taxis linked to accommodations in that city too). Cops and army in places like this likely just get bribed sometimes who knows and are surely the same thing as criminals bringing in drugs from China through the border into America. To kill as many people (Mexicans included) with drugs as quickly as possible. Through the world’s most deadly drug – fentanyl. Also look for corrupt American government officials in some of these places under the Biden administration in the State Department. Get rid of all of the above. Clean up the mess. With all this being said, sometimes government are the criminals in many countries. Embassies in different countries sometimes engage in activities in these countries that their own country back where they are from that employ them do not know about. Letting in citizens they should not like former Mexican Presidents who all Mexicans despise who the Mexican Embassy in Ireland at some point may have left go to Ireland many years ago after screwing many Mexicans back home in Mexico. He’s an old man hiding somewhere now unknown but Mexicans remember him and one day he will be brought to justice for harming Mexicans and Mexico. Guaranteed. Shut them down.
  • Istanbul airport security check workers and immigration officers linked to Covid-19 testing stations at the airport. Look for links with the Turkish government on how they likely illegally were operating that airport specifically for some time. That airport is key to everything given its strategic location between the East and West. Go through Istanbul airport workers one by one and you’ll get rid of much of the problems in the world. The Turkish government likely will also get hit further again because of that airport unless they take appropriate steps towards workers in that airport who maybe operating criminal enterprises unknown to them. That airport is one of the biggest scammers have ever come across.
  • The Italian rail IT and web infrastructure specifically.
  • Some of the businesses across the way from the Napoli train station need to be lit up and shut down.
  • If that Napoli politician Luigi Di Maio ever causes trouble for Napoli again – wipe him out. He is responsible for ruining Napoli and much of Italy over a number of years not being in a good place.
  • If anyone gets in the way of the new Prime Minister of Italy Georgia Meloni forming the new government, including the old 86-year-old media tycoon man, get rid of him. Instantly. Shut him down.
  • Platforms like workaway.info are surely potentially involved in illegal price gouging and used a front for would be ‘travelers’. Shut it down.
  • Same with many hostels in Europe looking to offer ‘experiences’. Price gouging is illegal in most places – keep an eye on Venice Generator hostel. Look up the different implementations of legal precedence on price gouging in tandem with profiteering. The two things are not the same but the same principle can be applied when shutting some of these business or (illegal individuals within them specifically) down. Shut it down.
  • Some silly restaurants in Catania in Sicily and fast food outlets (and food stalls between the Fish market and Bellini Square) behind the fish market (the fish market people, Sicilian legends and heroes – are great – but go a little further beyond that but not as far as Bellini Square). Some white as a ghost harmless people in some restaurants, bars and fast food outlets working there. Watch what they are up to. These people have made life bad for Sicilians for many years. The 4 to 5 million Sicilians (best people you would ever meet the Sicilians) despise these small group of people, always have, also old people from there you’d never even think there doing cult sick dark songs, chants and spiritual stuff. Get rid of all them. Light it up. They are all harmless and would get totally put down at any time. They must go to give Sicily back its needed investment and help and countries around the world, and Italy, will help. Same for some cult places in Anzio on the Lazio coast. Some dark puppets on sale sickeningly across from a church, shocking stuff. Shut it down. Amazing area though – just a couple of bad apples. Similar to the current Popea very bad guy – hit him twice as hard. He is a decrepit sick piece of work who will soon meet his maker. Catholic church is okay and Catholics okay, just not him as an individual, the current Pope. Break up his sphere of influence and prosecute the Vatican for the Pope and his cohort’s sick paedo crimes. Shut it down.
  • Some dark cult like coworking space in Bulgaria in some mountain resort called Bankso. Basically there are some dark goat paintings and raves that they have and dark forces – maybe bringing harm to all of Bulgaria and Bulgarians from this one isolated place. Seemed like a cult. Shut it down.
  • Some Donegal people before mentioned there could be some sick paedo ring in Donegal. Maybe involving priests and maybe even regular female workers from McDonalds in Letterkenny. Interpol should investigate it and lock their sick paedo rapist criminal ring up. Shut them down.
  • Conspiracy theories online are never as clear cut as what you think. Some conspiracies turn out to be true while others are not.
  • Same for the term whistleblower – often a more accurate way to describe this is corruption revealer.
  • White collar criminals are just as bad as any other criminals. If not worse in some cases.
  • Turkish government officials in Istanbul airport – many are just criminals working on the supposed impunity (which they don’t have anymore) as Turkish government officials. They are deluded and wrong on that. They will go just like others.
  • Freezing assets of potential alleged criminals is how you stop them in terms of catching out dark forces.
  • Illegal migration in Europe was a main tactic formerly used by some in the Russia Ukraine war for some time in terms of the current war.
  • On Africa, careful with Sudan specifically and their links with Putin and China: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-63171771
  • Also Putin allies of India, China, Belarus, Brazil, Hungary, Syria and Myanmar – avoid them all.
  • They are assisting Putin financially in many cases. Funding his war machine. Putin is a terrorist and represents a terrorist State.
  • The US Embassy in Istanbul – scammers. Shut it down.
  • Dail Eireann buildings in Ireland – drain the swamp – eliminate https://www.oireachtas.ie/ shut it down. Dail Eireann is the pinnacle of all planet poison. Get rid of it and shut it off. Crooked politicians.
  • Same for Iran. They directly send weapons to Putin to be used in Ukraine – Iran are a terrorist State. Shut it down.
  • On dark energy churches, in Ireland, near the US Embassy in Dublin 4 Donnybrook there is some Church of Jesus Christ place (or closely called that name may not be an exact name match) – the one nearest right next to the embassy but it is kind of hidden – it is just a front – likely a fake scientology/fake Buddhism/false energy type church. Go through only a small few people in that Donnybrook D4 place one by one and you’ll solve 90 per cent of the problems on the island of Ireland. Easily. Shut it down.
  • People are just people. No one is better than anybody. All 8 billion of us are on the same level. You see at the end of your life what that means.
  • No worries about anything the universe always exposes the evil and brings the good right to the very top.
  • In terms of coming to know God, it is almost like you only really see the evil then for the first time, to come to know God you unfortunately see the world in its total form. It’s almost like learning to walk again as a grown man in your thirties and you see 100 per cent through everything and every single person after a while when you keep studying all the Bible (Old Testament and New). Again there is way (hard to even put into words how much way more) more good then evil on the planet. The evil is harmless nonsense smaller numbers then good and they are a spent force in honest truth at this point.
  • Bible is the most open minded thing ever and is not rigid. It is so vast for a reason.
  • This is not stuff they teach you in school. Nor in any business or college anywhere. Life is the best teacher when seeing what really goes on in this depraved, sick, twisted world. That said, there are way more good people then bad. Much more good then bad but the good stuff doesn’t make the news unfortunately. This is where the news industry has to fundamentally change and make good news stories the focus instead of negative news stories. This would change society in all nations hugely.
  • The word ‘religion’ (but now is still useful for legal purposes) was never in the Bible originally and Jesus Christ when he was around in human form (he’s still around all around us in the spiritual world everywhere though) meant the church and his followers to be the church – one another – not necessarily a physical building or place or organization. Activating the holy spirit as much as possible in your daily life is the key to everything. Not always easy to do but it leads us all best and is the best creator of peace within a human. It surpasses all things and is unexplainable.
  • Being a follower of Jesus and being in fellowship with believers can be all around you anywhere and does not necessarily have to be organized.
  • Be where the enemy is not (best advice the Chinese ever came up with).
  • Watch for crow birds they are garbage – get rid of them into extinction.
  • Don’t open the door in any way for bad vibes, energy or forces.
  • Always shop local in different countries never support international department chain stores/brands – buy local – shop local.
  • Watch for dark art and how it is used – shut it off – most of all the twisted art people now are either out of work or worse soon to them like this here – some woman in Co. Kerry in Ireland appears to sell dark crow merchandize – get rid her – the good people of Kerry will know what to do with these dark crow drawings in the post in Ireland or in other countries and with the individual responsible – get rid of her – amen: https://twitter.com/Ciaraioch/status/1551176593556602881
  • If a future world leader comes (see through fake miracles and signs he might perform with a spiritual leader alongside him – they maybe generated through technology – maybe we guess) to prominence in the world at some point and suggests getting a mark on your right hand or forehead of some kind, possibly in the form of a chip or technological device, don’t get it. All this stuff over the last few years is just getting ready for his system down the road maybe be a very long time away yet in many many years (50, 60 or 70 years who knows).
  • The Bible (which all modern laws in any courtroom in most parts of the world are still based on and use in and is still by far the highest selling book of all time in history even in 2022 – work that one out) has called all this stuff happening these last few years. It is spot on so far what is happening in the world near the end times (maybe 50, 60 or 70 years away though). It is impossible for any of us humans to predict but that essentially maybe the mark of the beast and a permanent cut off from God and heaven at that point by getting it. Please, please, please don’t get it, you may think we are crazy now but looking on in 50 years from now and this stuff happens, you’ll thank us then. It maybe something that if you don’t get it will make it difficult in the world depending where you are to participate in the economy as it will be digitally activated. Maybe look at where chip manufacturing plants are starting in the many years ahead.
  • The spiritual world is very real of course – why do you think bull cultures of the world are so obsessed with it via crappy TV, music, movies, art and so forth.
  • Sometimes but not always (not science routed in fact or by qualified professionals) science and art is sometimes tried to be used in to create ‘art’ of a not popular kind with an example being https://twitter.com/twisteddoodles/https://twitter.com/newscientist – science magazines using ‘Twisted’ or ‘Dark’ art to promote science. Bogus. The appropriate people in the UK and Ireland need to and must shut it down any bogus science representations. Real science is important. Bogus science is not. Go through the different science publications and you will be very surprised by what you learn about some of the individuals working there. Very surprised indeed. Shut it down.
  • Choose carefully what you consume in the new ‘distraction world’ of information.
  • ‘The New Yorker’ clothes/sports apparel chain internationally in Europe in places like Poland and Bulgaria. Look for the ownership in this’ other business dealings. You might be surprised what you find. Shut this business down and reinvest capital into more home grown Polish and Bulgarian businesses. To create new better alternatives.
  • Avoid about 80 per cent of all theologians, psychologists, psychiatrists and philosophers (many are just money rackets and scams). Most of it just a distraction word salad using big words by frankly ‘over educated’ and ‘over qualified’ ‘professors’ and ‘brainiacs’ – we’re all idiots sometimes – some of these numpties though are too arrogant to realize it.
  • Cut all funding from Europe and the US to this faculty https://www.ucc.ie/en/apsych/ – shut it down (see above).
  • Cut funding also for special interest groups related to US universities linked to special interest groups funded by George Soros.
  • Cut private investment by about 50 per cent into all universities in the nation of France on the previous programs linked to Soros – watch for their links with universities on the former Soros’ linked university programs funded by Soros affiliates between the US and France specifically.
  • Same with these – take them out in court:

https://thesatanictemple.com/ and churchofsatan.com – shut it down

  • In terms of media – shut down rubbish publications such as Business Insider
  • Distraction loading video web ads were previously a major stumbling block for the ad tech industry. These pop up video ads still need to be produced better or else shut them down and wipe them out from the ad tech exchanges.
  • Publishing partners that must be avoided and removed from the Google certified partners list due to poor performance for the web and the majority of publishers, and internet, are the following two (shut them down):

https://www.totalmediasolutions.com/ (Israel) and ezoic.com (United States)

  • On a live combat note – notice how Putin’s Russia misinformation campaigns in the Russia Ukraine war have now all collapsed.
  • On a sport note – international sports bodies in Switzerland are all mostly corrupt. Shut them down and light them up.
  • The IBA (International Boxing Association) and IABA (Irish Amateur Boxing Association) in amateur boxing are corrupt and rotten to their core. Shut it down.
  • The Olympics bodies in Switzerland – anything or anything to do with them – shut them down and light them up. Move all operations for amateur sport on an international competitive level – out of Switzerland – permanently.
  • Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland – no good – get rid of him legally.
  • Politics for the most is garbage.
  • Work a bit harder and be a bit kinder only to people who deserve it. That’s the best case scenario. Keep it simple.
  • Politics is used by some bad people (not to judge or condemn them just their energy) to try to exert false influence.
  • On a politics note question Irish allegedly independent politician Mick Wallace in the EU relentlessly on why he has not condemned Putin personally for the war in Ukraine and also why he has not acknowledged the Ukraine President’s decree on prohibiting talk with Putin but allowing for talk with Russia as soon as a new Russian leader is there.
  • Everywhere Wallace goes in Europe – don’t let him off the hook. Give him nothing until he clarifies the point to you. Hound him in Italy, Ireland and in any country or airport he tries to board a flight to. Arrest him and Clare Daly. The latter is already on a list from Ukraine authorities during this war in Europe.
  • Politics is a distraction.
  • Never to benefit sovereign nations.
  • Or the planet overall.
  • Only themselves.
  • It is a redundant concept at this point.
  • Stay clean in your house belongings.
  • Make sure no one puts any items in your house or belongings.
  • Keep clothes, food, water bottles clean.
  • Away from potential bad people (not to judge or condemn them just their energy) who may try to contaminate, tamper or poison them.
  • Being around any strangers or any humans you don’t know is a potential enemy or new friend/ally (much more chances for this though) – try to see the best in people though – much more opportunities for the latter then the former.
  • The small few harmless dark people (not to judge or condemn any of them just the energy) are only scared, frightened people, there are ways to identify this easily.
  • Internet quotes of the day are 90 per cent bull crap. Not to be listened to or paid attention to. Celebrities like fake WWE wresting star John Cena uses this stupid quotes to distract gullible followers. Shut his career down.
  • Hollywood itself is a spent force and has been in decline for some time – The Oscars ratings have been plummeting for years – shut down and close it down. Create something less fake, toxic and more original.
  • Look for people with very drained white as a ghost almost lifeless faces, sometimes, not always, there is some bad energy going on there. There is no life in some of these people – almost like harmless zombies.
  • You’d be surprised how many celebrities, famous people, musicians and the like are some of the darkest and sickest people on the planet used for political leverage by people you never even see.
  • Alcohol and all drugs are a gateway to opening bad doors into the spiritual world where you don’t know what’s going on – for many – maybe some can have a small bit of alcohol of other substances and good luck to them – but if you want to keep bad doors closed – don’t over do use of alcohol certainly. Fame is an illusion, has no power and is meaningless fake idol crap. Everyday heroes you never see are the real heroes.
  • Chinese manufactured technology surveillance – President Xi of China is much worse than Putin.
  • He is getting quite a bit put down for his trouble.
  • He tries controlling Chinese citizens everywhere by keeping them in line with the Communist agenda in nations outside of their own.
  • Phone networks in different countries sometimes but not always have communications with illegal Chinese agents in different nations.
  • Some not all digital media platforms just foster hatred.
  • And are bull empathy people or bull crap kindness people who just want support for their causes or projects.
  • Stop supporting them and see through them.
  • Vote with your wallet.
  • Go through them one by one though.
  • It is not always clear cut.
  • On China, Vodafone Europe (right across Europe) and Very Mobile/Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.A (Milan based operation) Italy potentially connected to some of the Chinese Communist regime in Europe. Shut them down.
  • Keep tabs on Vodafone Ireland and also Orange Polska keep running all appropriate global tests and tab checking daily on all network infrastructure internationally.
  • Watch for Chinese authorities and Embassy staff to be continued to be investigated and returned home to their country of origin China from Europe.
  • The man from China who speaks to the UN regularly – he is a dark individual who will get China absolutely ended if he is not careful.
  • Due to illegal attempts by President Xi’s China to set up (quietly) and illegally some type of new Chinese police stations not hidden but not exactly well advertised either. They say for Chinese citizens services but that’s illegal – only a Chinese embassy in a foreign nation can do that under the Vienna convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.
  • What Xi believed were to be private Chinese police stations in Europe.
  • They turned out to be bogus in the end.
  • He got that badly wrong.
  • Essentially to control Chinese citizens.
  • Who live outside of China and call another country home now.
  • To try to get them to always vote for his political party.
  • That isn’t democracy.
  • It is back firing on China at the moment badly.
  • As long as President Xi remains President.
  • Chinese private investment into financial services into Budapest city center in Hungary – follow the money there.
  • The World Economic Forum in Switzerland and big pharma are rotten to the core. They are the worst of the worst.
  • Watch for fake charities and churches trying to get donations (false prophets – harmless wolves in sheep’s clothing – they are actually scared of the sheep).
  • They might twist the bible around to their own agenda. Believing in Jesus Christ the only way to get to God and to be saved. That said – each to their own regarding beliefs, values, thoughts on life, philosophies – how the universe works and more. No one knows it all.
  • After all wouldn’t the world be a very boring place if everyone thought the exact same.
  • On the former individuals, they don’t care about you so why care about them. There’s a balance. Once this is established – you are deadly.
  • There are many legal things to shut down these people (too long to go into).
  • That’s where you catch them out – they all get shut down and ended in the end one way or another – they’re always harmless people in the end.
  • Most of it just a distraction.
  • The world is not what it seems and is just some sort of scientifically computer generated illusion. The world is not reality and the after life is more real then what you even know, and is eternal, whereas this life is temporary.
  • The greatest trick the devil, Satan the deceiver ever pulled was convincing some he didn’t even exist. Just tell him not today you are not condemned and if really believe in Jesus who paid the price for all humans – you are covered through his blood as all of us are sinners every day. Bible isn’t a rule book. No way. God knows we’ll make mistakes everyday but repentance means having a change of heart and then applying the Bible as best you can everyday improving in your life until the final day. The Bible is a love letter from God to humanity. Since in the beginning – of Genesis. He knew none us were perfect and all us mere mortals would make mistakes every day. That’s human nature and the human condition – then – on the above – you are saved and live forever. Guaranteed. It’s a belief and faith thing. Satan or no human can’t do nothing about it. Impossible. Cannot be changed. You can’t get unsaved after belief and action on John 3:16, John 3:18, John 3:3, Romans 10:10 and Matthew 16:16. Faith in Jesus calls for us to surrender to Jesus to follow him and genuinely seek him. God is more real then we are.
  • And belief in the Apostles Creed (N.B.)
  • All us followers of Christ are called to be light and salt of the Earth to tell somebody about Jesus and for us followers to change to be more like Jesus and pray that Jesus will be revealed to them, and prayer to Jesus to help us become people that help others believe in Jesus Christ, the God of the Universe.
  • Good works or any perceived morality doesn’t get you to heaven unfortunately. The previously mentioned does. Satan or dark energy whatever your beliefs are (each to their own) — the greatest trick ever pulled was convincing the world he wasn’t real. Can live a good moral life and still not get to heaven. God is needed if things really go wrong in life. They will for you at some point. That’s where faith comes in. It’s the foundation to everything that has ever existed on this planet. Who knows about other planets, maybe, we guess.
  • For instance if a house collapses from bad foundations due to bad weather, it needs foundation to survive and thrive through the seasons.
  • God is that universal force that animates and binds everything in existence that is impossible to fully explain. He knows best. He created this whole thing. God’s love for humanity is super natural. God specializes in the business of miracles. That’s his business. Go into any hospital, courtroom, police or army station or anything at all to do with emergencies of a life and death kind – and they’ll all tell you – in any country (take your pick) everyday heroes in their line of work exist – and unexplained miracles happen. Sometimes referred to as unforeseen circumstances, acts of God or force majeure circumstances legally in court.
  • Sometimes the miracle is you.
  • They’ve happened you many times in life.
  • But you already knew that.
  • In the back of your mind your conscience tells you God is real that cannot be denied at your inner core. Something unexplainable or attempt of proof. It is just there. Within you.
  • Satan isn’t important at all in reality. Really. Nothing. Zero importance. And is not the attention of the world anymore when you look around all the East and West now – look at the world around you – there’s a change happening and he can’t stop it.
  • He has failed in his efforts by now.
  • Movies and much of the mainstream media are total bull crap.
  • Stock markets were manipulated before social media on business TV networks that were speculative – only nowadays the market is faster.
  • Main thing in the Putin side of his evil invasion of Ukraine is to devalue the Moscow stock exchange and all investments (direct/indirect) linked to Putin worldwide (such as gambling companies in China).
  • Nothing has really changed if you look beneath the surface a little bit in the market.
  • None of TV, movies, celebrity idol crap, music and entertainment industries are in reality how the world actually works. A load of nonsense for the most part.
  • Never worry about nothing because in the end God takes care of all things. Just because you can’t see the wind shake trees or wireless signals beam communications happen around the world every second like you can’t see God doesn’t mean he is not there.
  • You can’t see proof of either, but you know they are real because they work without knowledge of how they do or see how they do.
  • You also know some things in your life that are unplanned and unexpected are real because they work out.
  • They just have a way of doing this but you can never explain why.
  • Okay then.
  • That’s the miracle business that God works in.
  • All these bridges must be burned for better new things to be created in place. It is what must be done.
  • Which none of us can ever grasp of his infinite knowledge and wisdom.
  • Humans can come back from anything – we have seen it time and time again over the years – trauma – near death – grief – you name it – anything.
  • It is unexplainable. God directly intervenes where he sees fit. Can’t imagine like could even explain anything to do with God of course, but do know he has a great sense of humor. You will see this at the end.
  • ‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better‘ – Albert Einstein.
  • This is the nearest thing to the meaning of life that we came to.
  • God is all things and controls all things at all times in all places. Even when you don’t think it.
  • There are a million more things you could go into other than the above.
  • But in the end just keep on trucking and enjoy this temporary world because the real enjoyment comes in the next life and real world – the 1000 year reign (quite a lot of youth to enjoy then eh as you’ll be young forever) then on this Earth – then – if you make it to heaven (which is forever and the next world – this world is temporary and is nothing, really, this life and world is nothing, God, like life, is good.
  • Think big. Most people are either too stupid or afraid to do that in life. Life is all about forgiving and moving on every day. Surround yourself only with good people in your day to day life. This is the most important thing in life by far. Forgiving’s definition does not mean ever having anything to do with some again though. As the universe and God permanently removes some people, their jobs/business from life and in many cases, removes them and their close friends/family from this world too even, for a reason (God knows best) – if they are in the way. Forgiving actually means – having nothing more to do with some, not helping, not being kind and then permanently moving on with a good heart. That is actually what being kind and love means.
  • After dealing with and discerning what is right and wrong, good and evil, in legal terms – move on – use appropriate logic and intellect – try to be good to people and understanding (but just enough only to those who deserve it) – even in challenging war times – look to inspire and lift people up and be compassionate to each and every deserving person you meet.
  • None of us are perfect – everyone makes mistakes every single day – no worries – we are all only here for a short time – not a long time – enjoy the voyage.
  • Where does it all end ultimately.
  • God winning.
  • Nobody can beat him.
  • All us mere mortals are all only passing through this world until he choosing for its end and new beginning.
  • There ain’t nothing nobody can do about it or change his will.
  • Not a single thing.
  • He knows what you are going to do before you make your next movement in the next two seconds.
  • Think about that.
  • His destiny, fate and will cannot be stopped by anything or anyone.
  • All in all – even during war in these times the world finds itself in – love and peace during war is always possible.
  • Have a great day 🙂
  • One second at a time.
  • So be it.
  • Amen.