Zelensky Right To Slam Chinese Government Supporting Elon Musk In Ukraine War Xi Worse Than Putin

Zelensky Right To Slam Chinese Government Supporting Elon Musk In Ukraine War Xi Worse Than Putin

Musk not to judge him and is entitled to his views (that’s democracy) but he just doesn’t understand yet or see what’s about to happen in China. What is happening in China in live time now, actually.

Google and many others starting to pull out of China now. Lots of big companies will. On a bigger scale than Russia too.

China biggest supporters of Putin’s evil war in Ukraine. Effecting every country. True.

President Xi and Putin two of the worst people on the face of this planet. True.

Musk previously did not condemn the Chinese regime who are far worse than Putin’s regime.

The Ukraine President said of Musk here:


To shut down Musk’s points on the (Putin escalated not Ukraine) war please note the following corrections to some of the points here are the points he claims:

  • Ukraine remains neutral: No (Russian invaded them) – Ukraine are joining NATO for their and the rest of Europe’s safety moving forward.
  • (A possible) outcome from this conflict is nuclear war – won’t happen as that would put everyone and the planet at risk (including billionaires such as Musk and his family).
  • Donbas and Crimea must be returned to Ukraine. People can move to Russia if they identify as Russian in those areas and there is the appropriate legal framework in Russia to allow them to do so to become Russian citizens.
  • Russia won’t do full mobilization as their partial one has already not worked in its first few days. Russians, Russian army and Russian generals do not want to die for Putin as they realize now he is just using them as cannon fodder. So Russian population for full mobilization will not happen. They know it won’t work.
  • No one wants war but Putin and his cohorts. He escalated it. Only way for peace and dialogue to resolve war is a new Russian President and regime. Support will increase for Ukraine until then.
  • Holding Putin and the previously two other names to account in court. Ukraine can speak with the new Russian leadership to end war then.
  • Things are about go get much worse for Putin, China and India until the right solutions are sought.
  • Have a great day.