Countries Around The World Standing Up To Tyrant Bully Xi Of China

Game over for President Xi in China in terms of much of his attempted and now failed in doing so shoddy useless never works AI, robotics and takeover of the world through various means.

Latest hits on China coming here:

His attempts at using tech manufactured in China in recent years was seen all along unknown to him.

Little did he know though.

Time is coming to an end for Mr. Xi.

Nations around the world are shunning evil Xi supporting of evil Putin’s Russia war.

He and the leader of India both abstaining from voting on the UN security council recently all the evidence needed.

The good people at Google will be okay without China:

And many other companies moving out of China at the moment partly too.

No worries.

Many more big tech, pharma and AI companies will be heading out of China.

Xi and Putin the two main culprits for the wars in the world this year.

Interesting the way the cookie crumbles in the end.