Watch: Chinese and Russian Warships Sail To Destruction Near America

Chinese and Russian Warships Sail To Near Total Destruction Near America

Unfortunately as the war news only increases all the time China and Russia under their two unwise current leaders have realized that the world didn’t buy their evil plans they were working on for decades.

They got put down as quick as they tried to rise up.

Good people rising up in every country around the world now to a few evil tyrants.

Because of Russia and China’s two tyrannical leaders — both countries are in ruins and now Russian and Chinese warships are willingly nearly going to their own destruction near Alaska in America reportedly:

They are just going to be wiped out.

China and Russia can thank Putin and President Xi.

Chinese and Russians need stand up to the two above individuals.

Two tyrants who good people in countries all around the world stood up to no less.

And will continue to only put back in their place all the time.

As both Xi and Putin’s demises unfold in live time now.