Putin Woes Grow As Another Ally Backtracks

Putin Woes Grow As Another Ally Backtracks

Putin’s once allies not only in Russia but around the world are not exactly as supportive of him as they once were this year when his barbaric invasion of Ukraine was ordered.

Now another one has conceded that he did found the Wagner Mercenary group:


The net is closing on Putin and his small few around him every minute.

The Putin’s Russia collapse in live time minute by minute now is truly something incredible.

Something kind of different and unique.

A spectacular defeat in all facets for him of the modern warfare landscape.

His evil objectives cannot be victorious in Ukraine.

They never could.

Letting a tyrant like that get away with it would have been a far, far worse alternative not only for Ukraine.

But every nation in the world too.

Ukraine stood up to the bully Putin.

Russia will too.