Indian Leader Pays Extraordinary Price For Putin and Xi Support

Indian Leader Pays Extraordinary Price For Putin and Xi Support

One of the most disturbing things about the war news this year was the leadership of India seemingly trying to make a quick buck from the evil Putin war invasion of Ukraine and China’s Xi’s support of it.

However the opposite is happening for him now.

The financial losses the current Indian leader and price the man is paying now is beyond belief as investors vote with their wallets against Russia, China and India all at once worldwide all together:

That is very heavy.

In the East and West together too.

Not only that, at an even faster rate than the three leaders above could have ever imagined.

Good always defeats evil and saves.

There is more good people on this Earth, then evil, alas.

They are much stronger and more in numbers, money and land — too.

Far more.

Head of policy in Google India is now fleeing also and has resigned over there:

It is incumbent on the CEO of Google, a wise man from India — to no longer do business with countries who’s leadership are tyrants like Putin and Xi.

Or those with links to them.

It makes business sense and ethics sense.

As the above numbers now reflect in the market.

Ukraine was never going to become a territory of Russia.

Evil was never going to defeat good in the war.

Come on.