Russians Scramble For Flights Out Of Russia

Russians Scramble For Flights Out Of Russia

Obviously many good Russians are effected by Putin’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine this year and now after he confirmed he will try to get mobilization those that can are reportedly trying to get the heck out of Russia while they still can:

The thing is Putin appears hell bent on even sacrificing Russians as well as Ukrainians in this fight.

He doesn’t care how many of them die.

His attempt at imperialism to get the old soviet union back won’t work in the end so what did he really achieve?

Other than general mayhem.

Not just in Ukraine but everyone in nations around the world has been affected (or infected/poisoned if you will) by Putin this year.

He definitely would have went for more countries after Ukraine and borders being shut off by many this week who remember that era who know more than most know it.

The world should follow the lead and not do business with Russia until the war is over.

Close the borders now.